President of Republic Indonesia with His Minister at the time of the release of export products

Indonesia again demonstrates its maritime economic power by exporting commodities with large vessels to the United States. This is proving behind the weakening of the rupiah against the dollar lately, the movement of the Indonesian economy remains stable and even tend to improve. The commodities exported to America are 50 percent of shoes, 15 percent of garments, 10 percent in the form of rubber products, tires and derivatives, electronic appliances by 10 percent, and other products as much as 15 percent.
The release of exported products to the United States is led by President Joko Widodo at the Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) at around 05.00 PM. Exports made today using large vessels namely the MV Ship. CMA CGM Tage with a capacity of 10 thousand TEUs and weighs 95,263 GT (Gross Tonnage). This ship has a Java-America Express (JAX) service that routinely serves the Port of Tanjung Priok route to West Coast (LA and Oakland) United States (direct call).

President Jokowi accompanied by a number of officials pressed the sirens to mark the start of exports by large vessels to the US, at JICT Tanjung Priok

“It means this delivery is huge and is done very efficiently with direct calls. This will lower the cost of logistics is very large. It has been submitted by the Managing Director of Pelindo that each container saves the cost of approximately USD300 and this will provide the competitiveness of our products to products from other countries, “said Jokowi.

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Also attending were some Ministers of the Working Cabinet on the export release. Several ministers were present, such as Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi, Airlangga Hartarto Minister of Industry, Trade Minister Enggartisto Lukita, and Minister of State Owned Enterprises (SOE) Rini Soemarno.

To note, in addition to the CMA CGM Tage ship, there are several large vessels (mother vessels) that routinely dock at Tanjung Priok, such as Post-Panama generation APL Salalah and Vessel Pelleas. Even the Salalah APL ship has a capacity of over 10 thousand TEUs with a weight of nearly 130 thousand tons and a length of 347 meters. Direct service routes (direct call) handled include Northern European destinations, west coast of the United States, and Intra-Asia. Unmitigated USD300 can be saved by Indonesia. That is, Indonesian products can have a higher competitiveness to products from other countries.

On that occasion, the President also said that exports to the United States today are a marker that Indonesia has a very strategic role in geo economy in Indo Pacific. As the largest country in Southeast Asia, the President continued, Indonesia is continuing to move to make the Indo Pacific region as one of the main sources of economic growth, trade center, and world industry.


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