Major Inf Alzaki (Right), TNI Officer whose name is engraved on the US Army Wall of Fame CGSC

The proud news now comes from Indonesian National Army (TNI) officers who have just finished their education at the CGSC US Army Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA, Major Inf Al Zaki who also won The Simon Center Interagency Writing Award. Not only that, but Major Inf Al Zaki also carved his name in the Wall of Fame (WOF) US Army Commanding General and Staff College (CGSC) and became Indonesia’s own historical record on the international stage.

This was conveyed by Indonesian Army Attache in Washington DC Colonel Inf Hendri, in a written release on Monday (6/17/2019). Hendri explained this proud achievement when Al Zaki and two other Army officers were declared to have passed the CGSC US Army education at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA, Friday (6/14/2019)

Major Al Zaki has demonstrated his quality as a brilliant Indonesian student officer. His writing on the Cyber ​​Defense Force Development Strategy received the best writing from The Simon Center.

The Simon Center, according to Hendri, is an institution in the US Army CGSC which conducts defense strategic research. Al Zaki was the first non-US officer to win the award. He also recorded one of the Army officers who received a Double Degree, The Master of Military of Art and Science (MMAS).

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At the US Army CGSC, Indonesia has listed the names of the best sons. In fact, six of them who have been general ranks or reached the position of head of state / level through a democratic process were recorded at their International Hall of Fame (IHOF).

Army officers who have been imprinted on the CGSC IHOF US Army namely General (Posthumous) Ahmad Yani (1956), General (Ret.) Surono Rekosodiemedjo (1958), Maj. Gen. Mohammad K Anwar (1969), General (Ret.) Widodo (1963), General Raden Hartono (1976) and the last time in 1991 were the 6th President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY).

“So, because Alzaki is still in the rank of Middle Officer (Pamen), then he has not been included in IHOF, or only in the Wall of Fame as the winner of The Simon Center Interagency Writing Award,” said the 1997 Academic Alumni.

According to Henri, the name Alzaki will be displayed for one year until the opening of the next Sesko education.


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