Yogyakarta Fishgator Team Amikom University in World Invention Creativity Olympic (WICO) 2018

Indonesia’s achievement this time was heard through the World Invention Creativity Olympic (WICO) Award 2018 competition. WICO is an international event held in order to showcase the creativity products of students who have the opportunity to enter the industry or market. The event, held at SETEC Convention Center Seoul, South Korea, has the categories Architecture, Environment & Biology, Health & Medical Items, Electric, Electronic & Computers, Stationary and Education, Automotive, Transportation, and Machines.

The Fishgator Amikom team at the WICO international event, Korea.

Indonesia is represented by the Team Fishgator Amikom Yogyakarta. The Amikom team consisting of Anggit Dwi Hartanto, Mochammad Yusa, and Yudhis Thiro Kabul Yunior successfully won the Gold Medal in the Electric, Electronic and Computer categories.

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This international judging stage has begun on August 3, 2018, at this stage the judging process is related to preliminary product ideas. Then on August 4, 2018, final judging is the final assessment of products from experts in various fields and various countries. The jury admires the superiority of fishgator which can increase fish yields which previously were only 24-40 percent to 70 percent. In addition, the food conversion ratio becomes very optimal, 1 kilogram of feed can be 0.8-0.98 kg of meat in the cultivation area so that it can be optimal. “In Korea, there are also similar products, but Fishgator has a very complete feature at a low price,” said a judge.

Fishgator is an IoT (Internet of Thing) based platform on Ai-based fish cultivation and Data Management Systems. Fishgator has several main features, namely Automatic Feeder, which is an automatic feeding system for fish based on feed management to increase the amount of feed that comes out.

The next feature is an IoT-based water quality monitoring system that can be monitored using a smartphone. In addition to the above features FishGator also features circlebubble circulation system technology which is an oxygen circulation system that functions to stabilize oxygen levels in water.

In Indonesia itself, Fishgator has been implemented in the Situbondo and Wonosobo regions. In the future it is expected that all fish farmers in Indonesia will be used. With this proud achievement, of course, Fishgator can change the face of the Indonesian fisheries community in a better direction. The price of one fishgator unit is around IDR 20 million. Because it needs mass production.

reference: Kemlu.go.id

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