Recipient of Gold Medals in the Asian Games 2018

After the first gold medal won at the taekwondo branch by Defia Rosmaniar, it did not take long for Indonesia to bring 3 gold at once in a relatively short time each in the wushu branch by Lindswell Kwok, and a mountain bike in the downhill number respectively – each was obtained by Tiara Andini and Khoiful Mukhib.

Lindswell appeared very convincing in taijiquan and taijijian numbers. In Taijiquan number, Lindswell won 9.75 points and became the highest on Sunday morning (08/19/2018) and Monday (08/20/2018) A day later, in the Taijijian number, Lindswell earned 9.75 points as well and once again became the highest . With that score, Lindswell collected a total of 19.50 points and was entitled to a gold medal. Lindswell defeated Hong Kong wushu athlete Uen Ying Juanita Mok, who earned a total of 19.42 points (9.71, 9.71) as well as being the toughest opponent of Lindswell in this event. This gold medal was also the first for Lindswell at the Asian Games. Previously, the highest prestige was a silver medal.

Lindswell Kwok when carrying a gold medal in the branch of wushu at the Asian Games 2018

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In another branch, Downhill Women’s mountain bike racing athlete, Tiara Andini Prastika, became the third gold medal contributor for the Indonesian contingent at the Asian Games 2018. Andini Prastika became the fastest in the women’s downhill race in Khe Bun with a time of 2 minutes 33.056 seconds.

Tiara Andini Prastika when carrying a gold medal in the branch of Mountain Bike

Tiara excelled far by more than 9 seconds with two other medalists. Thai athlete Vipavee Deekaballes won the bronze medal by 9.598 seconds. Another Indonesian athlete, Nining Porwaningsih, was third and was entitled to a bronze medal. She is 9,608 seconds behind her compatriot.

In the same branch and number, Khoiful Mukhib became the fastest with a record time of 2 minutes 16,687 seconds. Khoiful’s incision was 1.497 seconds faster than Shengshan Chiang from Taiwan in second place. This golden achievement from Khoiful made the Indonesian bicycle team successfully marry gold in the men’s and women’s downhill numbers. Two gold records from downhill made the four gold target of the bicycle racing team still within reach. This gold from Khoiful makes the Indonesian contingent has won four gold so far.

Khoiful Mukhib when carrying a gold medal in the branch of Mountain Bike

Because of the acquisition of gold medals and other medals now Indonesia is 3rd ranked in the standings from 21 August 2018.

Medal acquisition standings the 2018 Asian Games 21 August 2018


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