Foxtrot Six

Indonesian cinema will again thrill movie lovers around the world. After the success of the raid and Satan Slave films which a few years ago became a trending topic in various social media, in the near future, Indonesia will repeat the success that is not much different from presenting quality films to world standards.

Still attached to action-themed films, the film which will soon be released on February 21 will be presented with a full CGI (computer graphics interface) concept and produced directly by the producers of the Terminator and Rambo films which are none other than Mario Kassar. The film in question is Foxtrot Six.

Mario Kassar, Co-Producer of Foxtrot Six Film

The film was produced by MD Pictures in collaboration with Rapid Eye Pictures, all of whom will use English. Randy Korompis, the director, hopes that Foxtrot Six can be easily accepted by people abroad using English. The overall use of English in the film also aims to make it easier to sell outside Indonesia.

Randy Korompis, Director of Foxtrot Six Film

The plot of the story in this film broadly tells the story of Indonesia’s future condition. It is said, a former marine member and his friends struggled to save Indonesia from poverty and the leadership of a ruthless rebel party.

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The making of this film is indeed done with Hollywood standards, where everything is really considered in detail. Manoj Punjabi is always a producer revealing the astonishing facts related to the conditions behind the screen making of this film, Manoj stated that FOXTROT SIX became an Indonesian film with the largest budget in industrial history. If calculated into rupiah, the funds disbursed are approximately 70 billion.

Manoj Punjabi, Producer of Foxtrot Six Film

“The budget is very high. A total of five million dollars or almost 70 billion production costs. I think that is extraordinary courage and hopefully this film can become a benchmark if you want to make expensive films with value,” Manoj said at Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (02/2/2019).

Thanks to the collaboration of local and international producers, this one action film received many offers to appear in the United States. It’s just that both Manoj and Mario still want to see the response from Indonesian audiences.

“We have planned carefully for the release. We have set a strategy for release in America, also for airing in OTT like Netflix or others. This decision has not been completed because we have many options. What we definitely see is the reaction in Indonesia,” said Mario is found in the same place.

The Foxtrot Six film stars a number of well-known domestic actors and actresses, including Oka Antara, Verdi Solaiman, Chicco Jerikho, Arifin Putra, Rio Dewanto, Mike Lewis, Miller Khan, Cok Simbara, Edward Akbar and beautiful actresses Julie Estelle and Aurelie Moeremans.

Let’s continue to support quality films by the Indonesian people!


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