Dana Hartono And His Invention

Many of us see the quality of an individual as judged by his type of work. The more honorable and prestigious a job, the more will be seen and respected by many people. But if we can further explore the people who are now successful in their work, not a few of those who had been far from the attention of people, because the work is not  special enough or even many people who think it is not a job. Now it is depicted from the figure of a seventh- semester student Electrical Engineering Polytechnic Department of Surabaya (PPNS), Dana Hartono.

Dana Hartono is an innovative student with a farmer and a vegetable merchant background, but with the experience of the work, he managed to find a renewable resource for a conventional energy substitute called Hyrector. In addition to work as a farmer and vegetable, Hartono also has a love of physics which is also a big capital for him in innovating in making findings – useful findings for the community. The idea of making Hyrector starts from when Hartono realized the fact that street lighting (PJU) was still using non-renewable electrical energy (sourced from fossil materials). He thinks that the energy will someday be exhausted within a certain period of time.

Hyrector’s working principle is the effort of merging the two renewable energies, the way it works by utilizing the motion / kinetic of the vehicle that will trigger energy from the speed of the vehicle speed so that the conversion into energy through dynamic solar panels. Hartono’s research proves that every 706 vehicles that pass every hour of the day can generate 22kWh of electrical energy, and can illuminate 10 points PJU pole.

Dana Hartono’s work became an idea for the alternative power generation method of PLTGU (Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Gelombang Laut/Sea Wave Power Plant). He realized that during this PLN wear pendulum named U-shaped and outrigger asymmetric as a source of energy to move the power plant axis. Because of that basic Hartono conduct further research so that the energy that propagates to the driving shaft can be bigger, so that the electricity generated is also greater. His research found that when one side of the outrigger arm is longer, the angle of the pendulum swing will be greater.

From the research, Hartono found a positive achievement and concluded that the greater the power of the pendulum, the greater the torque (power to move something) generated by the system. Finally, the power generated can also be greater than 0.05 watts of ordinary pendulum.

High curiosity and unanimous determination to give birth to new innovations, delivering Dana won numerous awards, among them the 1st Winner of Student Achievement PPNS in 2017 and the 1st Winner of National Scientific Week of Physics at Yogyakarta State University.

This inspirational story of Dana Hartono proves that any educational and work background is not a measure to assess the quality of an individual, but rather the effort and firm adherence of an individual in achieving what it wants to achieve, that should make human resources indispensable for the progress of a country.

reference: Kompas

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