Peter Susanto, 3rd place in the Child Genius event in Australia

The proud news came from the country of origin of the Aboriginal tribe, where one of the Indonesian citizens there became a conversation because of his appearance in one of the shows featuring children with above-average intelligence levels. He is Peter Susanto, who became the main attraction after a brilliant performance at Child Genius, a competition for genius children in Australia.

This event was broadcast on SBS, a TV station in Australia, hosted by a renowned host in Australia, Dr. Susan Carland. SBS works with Mensa, a non-profit organization that brings together people who have high IQs. Only those who have an IQ above 132 can receive membership in MENSA. Even though it only reached the 3rd place, the children of Henri and Lenny Susanto did not get discouraged and still shared optimism with everyone.

Peter Susanto (far left) with the host of Child Genius 2018 Dr. Susan Carland

In the event, they were tested in various categories including mathematics, general knowledge, science, memorization, spelling in English. Since the beginning of the race, Peter is one of the favorites to win, because he always gets the best scores in some of the initial categories.

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It’s just that in the final round ahead of the final, there was a controversy when Peter scored 19 from a maximum of 20 in the future technology category. In the episode, Henri asked the committee questions about the answer to his son Peter who was considered wrong. Henri thought the question was unclear. But a judge who is the final breaker still says Peter’s answer is wrong. He must compete again with a female participant because they both get a score of 19.

In this “playoff” Peter lost so he failed to advance to the final round, and only won third place. Despite losing Peter still took the wisdom in his experience and he also conveyed his ideals to become a doctor and could find medicine to cure many people such as HIV or Ebola.

Based on the information of his parents, Peter has so far jumped three years in school, compared to children his age. He sat in 9th grade at the age of 11, even though the average other students in the class were 14-15 years old. Besides Child Genius Australia 2018, Peter was also involved in several other activities.

Peter Susanto with his family

Not long ago he got the highest award for the best Class 9 Mathematics Competition in the Northern Territory. In addition, Peter also won the Class 9 race of the Australian History Competition, and participated in the 2018 national junior robot competition and took second place in the Open Maze category.


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