Intan paramadhita, winner of PEN Translates Award from English PEN and PEN / Heim Translation Fund Grant from PEN America.

Creativity is an asset that can be owned by everyone. Many benefits can be obtained through activities that use creativity. Creativity activities are of various kinds, as long as they produce something new and certainly useful for everyone. One of them is novel writing activities as exemplified by the famous Indonesian writer Intan Paramaditha who was recently awarded the prestigious award from the international author association PEN (Poets, Essayists, Novelists).

Intan received 2 awards at the same time as PEN Translates Award and Heim Translation Fund Grant from PEN America after his work in the form of a novel titled ‘Gentayangan: Choose Your Own Adventure of Red Shoes’ was chosen to be translated into English with the title The Wandering. PEN / Heim Translation Fund Grant is given to the novel’s translator, Stephen J. Epstein. He also translated a collection of ‘Apple and Knife’ short stories.

Gentayangan: Choose Your Own Adventure of Red Shoes’

“Gentayangan”, is a travel-themed novel and the complexity of life in a global world that allows readers to choose their own storyline. This book was first published in 2017 by Gramedia Main Library and was chosen as “The Best Prose Literature Book” Tempo Magazine. When reading this novel, later the reader is responsible for directing the fate and choice of the protagonist, a woman traveling with cursed red shoes, and entertaining the idea that the reader is a ubiquitous “creature” who oversees the consequences of choices. Her choice.

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The setting of the novel takes readers to dirty streets in New York City, Jakarta, or Tijuana, to markets, cemeteries, mosques, ships, and borders.

Gentayangan will be published by Harvill Secker / Penguin Random House in the UK next year. The translation by Intan Paramaditha published in English beforehand was Apple and Knife, a collection of short stories that process fairy tales and horror with a feminist perspective.

First published in Australia by Brow Books (2018), this book was only published in the UK through the publisher of Harvill Secker in December 2018. Apple and Knife received international media attention, literary festivals such as the Hong Kong International Literary Festival, the Singapore Writers Festival, and recently entered the list of “The White Review Books of the Year 2018” and “2018 Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot”.

Intan Paramaditha was chosen as one of 12 writers who will be performing at the London Book Fair in March 2019. In London, he will be performing at several LBF events, including the English PEN Literary Salon and Essex Book Festival.


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