Joey Alexander while performs at the 58th Grammy Award

Joey Alexander is one of the Indonesian people who scent the name of his country through his jazz talent. The teenager who was born on June 25, 2003, has a myriad of glittering achievements that made the Times magazine give him the nickname “The Master of the keys” in his 13 years old. His life that can not be separated from the music makes it one of the Indonesians recorded on the Billboard 200 in the United States, with his debut album “My Favorite Things” reached the rank of 174 on May 30, 2015.

At a young age, Joey was invited by the jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, director of Jazz art at Lincoln Center, to attend a gala night in May 2014 when Joey was 10 years old. That day was Alexander’s debut in the United States. He received a positive response for his performance, especially the solo version of ‘Round Midnight’ by Monk. The New York Times wrote that he became an “overnight sensation” after the show.

Indonesian jazz pianist Joey Alexander flanked by trumpetis Wynton Marsalis and actor / comedian Billy Crystal

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Joey Alexander’s name is actually enough to attract the attention of many people, because of his ability to play the piano in the flow of jazz. This type of game is generally only played by those who have been practicing for years. But, Joey actually able to do it when he stepped on 7 years.

At the age of 11, Joey demonstrated his skill by launching an album titled “My Favorite Things” on May 12, 2015. This album brought Joey into one of the 2016 Grammy nominations.

“Freedom to express yourself. The thing I like best is swing and improvisation, it can be sad or happy. Jazz for everyone, especially children. Jazz is free and fun and it is a child’s identity, fun and free. When I perform, I always try to enjoy playing with my bandmates and with the audience. At that moment, I felt the way I felt. “Joey said as a nominee for two Grammy awards.

Joey has also played at Apollo Theater. He also performed at Juilliard School, which amazed the students and attracted the attention of NBC News. And the most phenomenal is when Joey appeared in one of Colombia’s campuses. His appearance on the campus is able to suck netizen attention to 500 thousand spectators.

Joey also not only performs in America. This “child prodigy” has also appeared on the jazz festival in Denmark at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. And of course, he also appeared in his homeland, Indonesia at the International Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta in 2014.

Some of the other Jazz festivals that Joey followed were the Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island and the Montreal International Jazz Festival in Canada.
All the achievements earned at a young age cannot be separated from the role of parents, His father, Denny Silla is an amateur jazz musician. While his mother, Farah Leonora Urbacm, is very fond of Jazz music.

Born from a family environment that loves Jazz music, make Joey a little familiar with jazz music. When the toddler, Joey often listen to Jazz music which is the music and album of his father’s collection.

When he was six years old, Joey then began to learn to play his own piano. He studied the piano using a small electric keyboard which was a gift from his father.

Joey and his parents

Understand the ability of his child, his father then brought Joey Alexander closer with Jazz music. At that time, Joey got a lot of experience from Jazz musicians from Bali and Jakarta.

At the age of 9, Joey Alexander was awarded the Grand Prize in the event of Master-Jam Fest 2013. The event was a Jazz music competition followed by 43 musicians of all ages taking place in Ukraine.

From this amazing story of Joey Alexander we can all take a valuable lesson, that every child cannot be separated from the support of parents and the environment that can make it grow, whatever passion a child has, support him as optimally as possible and give him the best for every effort in optimizing the talent it has.


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