Roslinda, a 14-year-old from East Nusa Tenggara, speaks at a panel discussion at the "Leave No Child Behind: Achieving the SDGs through investing in the rights of the child" at UNICEF House, New York City, on July 15.(UNICEF/Christine Nesbitt)

On July 23, Indonesia commemorated the national children’s day. National Children’s Day is celebrated in accordance with the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia Number 44 of 1984 on July 19, 1984. There was something interesting and proud at the commemoration of the National Children’s Day yesterday, where junior high school students from East Sumba, Roslinda (14), spoke at the UN forum on fighting for children’s civil rights and birth certificates in the area.

The third grade student of Middle School from East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara was a delegation of Indonesian children in the international arena. The Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (KemenPPPA) gave an appreciation to Roslinda in the form of a certificate of appreciation for her achievements in fighting for the civil rights of children and birth certificates in her region.

Roslinda, commonly called Oslin, comes from Kombapari Village, East Sumba. The fourth child of five siblings even had the chance to represent Indonesian children to speak at a series of High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) activities on Sustainable Development in New York, on 9-18 July 2019. She was the only Indonesian child present at the event attended by 47 countries. This is thanks to the positive achievements of Oslin and his friends in the Kombapari children’s forum. They succeeded in advocating for the regional government in East Sumba until now the ownership of birth certificates in their area has increased to 100%. In addition, village regulations on child protection have also been issued to prevent early marriage and the obligation to have birth certificates.

On the other hand, the active involvement of the Children’s Forum in the village development forum chaired by Oslin itself contributed positively. This can be seen from the allocation of Rp 60 million in village funds for the campaign to eliminate violence against children. Even Kombapari village is currently committed to being a Child-Friendly Village. When Oslin became Indonesia’s representative who spoke at the 2019 HLPF event series, Oslin spoke about the development target of 16.2, specifically about eliminating violence against children.

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“For all children in the world, I urge that we all dare to voice our opinions. Do not be afraid! I want to see this world free from violence against children, “said Roslinda in her speech which was greeted with boisterous applause. At an audience session with the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for the Elimination of Violence Against Children, Najat Maala M’Jid, Oslin conveyed various issues of violence against children, including neglect of children and child marriages in Indonesia, specifically from his native area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEast Sumba.

Oslin firmly expressed her hope that United Nations (UN) could focus on child protection mechanisms so that patterns of reporting cases of violence could be accessed up to villages and encourage other countries to take concrete actions, not just plans or programs.

Even though HLPF 2019 has ended and She has received an award from the Ministry of Agriculture, advocacy for child protection does not just stop. In this National Children’s Day, Oslin expressed her commitment to continue to carry out advocacy activities to encourage the protection of children in the region.

She will collaborate with various schools and various related parties. Accompanied by Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI), a humanitarian social foundation that works to make sustainable changes to the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty, Oslin is ready to share her experiences with her peers using creative and educative campaign props to encourage them to be involved in efforts to campaign to eliminate violence against children.


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