Anggina Rafitri (Left) and Aysa Aurealya Maharani after winning their gold medals at the World Invention Creativity Olympic in Seoul on July 25, 2019. Photo: Indonesian Young Scientists Association

Indonesian student found cancer cure in the international event. This time it came from the World Invention Creativity Olympic (WICO) event in Seoul, South Korea, where Indonesia represented by high school students from Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, succeeded in becoming the world champion by finding a cure for cancer based on forest products. The proud students are Yazid, Anggina Rafitri, and Aysa Aurealya Maharani. Their research was chosen and won a gold medal while becoming a world champion.

This story begins with the idea of ​​a student named Ijitra Ali Akbar while attending extracurricular activities at school. At that time the students were asked the teacher to apply the knowledge they had learned to make research from local wisdom.

Ali then remembered that his family had been using a plant called the bajakah root for cancer. Where his grandmother who had breast cancer had tried to consume the root concoction for three months and slowly recovered. He then looked for the roots of the dam and sent it to a laboratory at Lambung Mangkurat University, Banjarmasin, for research. The result, it is proven if this root has many antioxidants that are good for curing cancer.

The study began with a preliminary test in the school laboratory. Then the study continued with further research sample testing, which used two mice, female mice and white mice, which had been induced or injected with tumor or cancer cell growth substances.

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Cancer cells develop in mice that characterize the number of lumps in the body, from the tail to the head. They then gave two different antidotes or drugs to the two mice. One rat was given Dayak onions in the form of a liquid that was drunk to the rat, while the other rat was given boiled water that came from bajakah wood.

“After entering the 50th day, mice that were given antidote water from Dayak onions died, while mice that were given liquid bajakah wood still remained healthy, could even breed,” Helita said, Monday (12/08/2019).

After going through proof of the sample test media, in early May 2019 the research continued by examining the levels contained in the wood through the laboratory tests, which worked with the laboratory at the University of Lambung Mangkurat, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.

The scientific work was subsequently completed and included in the 2019 Youth National Science Fair contest at the Indonesian University of Education in Bandung. As a result, this scientific work won and won a gold medal. This paper is then recommended to take part in the world level event, WICO 2019.

“When going to compete in South Korea, my parents did not allow it. But there are our friends Arsya Aurealya Maharani and Anggina Rafit who went there and explored the scientific research of this benevolent root as a cancer cure. And the result, they won a gold medal, “Akbar said.

The results of this study leave 22 works from representatives of other countries. The success of these students also received appreciation from the Indonesian people. Even today, many have begun to look for the presence of wholesome roots to cure cancer.


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