West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil won the award as Inspirational Leader in the Asia Pacific region at the 2019 GovInsider Innovation Awards at the Asia Pacific United Nations headquarters Bangkok, Thailand, Wednesday (10/16/19). (KOMPAS.COM/DENDI RAMDHANI)

Good news came from the 2019 GovInsider Innovation Awards event at the United Nations (UN) Asia Pacific headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, Wednesday (10/16/19). In the event, the name Indonesia was highlighted after West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil won an award as an Inspirational Leader in the Asia Pacific region. The man who is familiarly called Emil was considered to bring visionary innovation especially about the use of digital innovation in accelerating the development of West Java. This award was given directly by Principal Princess of the Kingdom of Eswatini Ratu Sikhanyiso and Jonathan Wong as the Chief of Technology and Innovation of UN ESCAP, which is the body of the United Nations Organization for Economic and Social Affairs in the Asia Pacific.

He said the award was a pride for the government and residents of West Java. He hopes the award will be an injection of motivation for the West Java Provincial Government and the community in giving birth to innovation. “My principle of life is simple when working because of necessity, because of obligation, working with love. If you get an award, thank God, it is also not a destination.

In addition, the West Java Provincial Government through the Office of Communication and Information also won two of the nine award categories, namely Best Adaptation for the Digital Village Program and Best Team Under 35 for the Jabar Digital Service unit. The award is given to projects that are already underway and through an adaptive ICT approach. The West Java Provincial Government is deemed to have found ways to better serve the public and improve public services such as the Digital Village, Sapawarga, Open Data, West Java Digital Service, Jabar Sapu Bersih Hoaks, and others.

“Jabar Digital Service as the best team under 35 years is considered unique because it invites millennials to join the bureaucracy to serve the needs of making government applications,” Emil said.

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The Best Adaptation award for Digital Villages is given for the success of this program in collaboration with various parties in providing quality improvement for rural communities through the provision of digital infrastructure and innovation, including BAKTI Kominfo, E-fishery, Habibi Garden, Docta, and Edubox. “There are many participants, the average finalists are five. West Java, for example, defeated India, Singapore, Malaysia,” Emil said.

GovInsider itself is a publication portal from the team that is covering all of Asia Pacific to look for and find examples of governments that have done something different to present innovative solutions, and dare to take new approaches to the challenges faced by government employees.

This activity was attended by more than 1,000 senior government officials from more than 50 countries, including Indonesia, Germany, Britain, South Korea, South Africa, Afghanistan, France, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, and from the United Nations.

This award was filled by 52 speakers. In addition to the Governor and Head of West Java Diskominfo, also spoke representatives from Government Digital Service, UAE Prime Minister’s Office, UNESCAP, AWS, and many more. This meeting discussed major themes regarding digital, data, finance, services and public security.


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