tim Indonesia pada kompetisi the 25 Harbin International Snow Sculpture competition. source: kompas.com

The 25th Harbin International Snow Sculpture Competition became a venue for proving for Indonesia after winning two different categories in the international competition to make the snow sculpture. The Indonesia 1 Team, which consisted of I Nyoman Sungada (team leader), I Putu Andre Putra Yoga, Eka Budi Ariadee, and I Made Sumerta Yasa, won the Best Skill category with a snow sculpture with the theme of Bali Bride.

While the Indonesian team 2 consisting of I Ketut Suaryana (team leader), I Made Mardiawan, I Komang Karim, and I Kadek Arya Undiyana won the Excellent category. The theme of the sculpture they made was Frog Surfing. Both teams competed to make snow sculptures using snow measuring 3×4 meters. The competition took place on January 10-13, 2020. Each team was given approximately 3.5 days to complete their work.

“We departed from the hotel at 08.30, arrived at the location at 09.00 then went straight to work until 12.00 for lunch break. 13.00 continue again until 19.00. The total processing time is 3.5 days, “explained I Ketut Suaryana, chairman of the Indonesian team 2. Ketut said, in the process of making the statue, he and the team did not experience significant obstacles. However, extremely cold temperatures become its own challenges. Before competing, they practiced hard for about one month. Ketut claimed to be more prepared about the vision and strategy in carving execution.

This he did with a fairly detailed division of tasks ranging from the duties of each team member to the sculpture workflow. “Chemistry is already there, all that’s left is to equalize the vision and strategy. Because the beam is big. So we make a small miniature from cork. We work directly from the side, so it’s like making a ladder and then slowly going up to the top.

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During the snow sculpture process, in addition to fighting the cold temperatures, the sculptors who are all from Bali also claimed to have experienced interesting events. Nyoman claimed to have felt the cramps in the abdomen and legs during the process of making the shape of the globe that required him to enter the snow to make a hole.

Both of them really hope to continue to provide achievements for Indonesia. Ketut said that he felt very proud to be able to bring Indonesia’s name to the world, especially with a team of young people.


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