Indonesia won an award from the International Conference of Young Social Scientists competition. (Source: Istimewa / Director of the Center for Young Scientists, Monika Raharti)

Still, in the feel of Indonesia’s 74th year of independence, Indonesia did not stop to continue to show the world that Indonesia was able to compete in international championship events. The proud news is now coming from the international event of the International Conference of Young Social Scientists (ICYSS 2019) held in Belgrade, Serbia on August 20-26, 2019. Indonesia, represented by middle and high school students from various regions in Indonesia, won 1 gold medal, 3 silver medals, and 3 bronze medals.

The gold medal won by West Campus Surabaya Cita Hati Christian School student, Arnett Grady. She researched the field of Geography, titled “A Study to Find Solutions for Urban Floods in Citraland”.

Meanwhile, the silver medal was presented by Shabrina Arinka and Maria Angelita from Tumbuh High School in Yogyakarta with the research title “Fake News and Election: Through The Lens of Millennials and Gen Z” in the field of Sociology.

The other silver medal was won by Steryna Ownrysher Nyoto (Cita Hati Christian School East Campus Surabaya) in the field of Economics with a study titled “Smokers Transparency Operation Protocol (STOP)” and William Chandra from the same school with the title “Media Effect on Negative Stereotyping Among High Schools Student “in the field of Psychology.

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Three bronze medals were won by the first students Rafael Asa Edginius Krisdina and Clarissa Pramesti Tiara Puteri from Santa Maria Surabaya Junior High School in Sociology with a study entitled “Influence of Social Media on Learning Patterns and Academic Achievements of Adolescents: Case Study in Santa Maria Junior High High School Surabaya “.

Second, Jeremy James (Ciputra Surabaya High School) with the title “Harmonization of Sundanese-Javanese, Potential for The Loss of The Dinoyo Street and Gunung Sari History in Surabaya” in the field of History. Third, Jacques Davidson Widodo (Cita Hati Christian School East Campus Surabaya) with the title “Exploring The Geographic Advantages in Indonesia” in the field of Geography.

The Indonesian team was formed from a tiered selection of Social Research Research Contest in various provinces, which continued to the national level competition. The total participants at the initial selection were followed by 178 participants.

Seeing this success, Monika said that research needs to be included in the secondary school curriculum.
“To be a person who is critical and sensitive to problems in his community, education for high school students really needs to include research in the curriculum,” she concluded.


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