Muhammad Alim Ajid and Muhammad Ismail Umar, two of the gold medalists at IEYI (DOC. BUREAU OF COOPERATION, LAW AND HUMAS LIPI)

The annual International Exhibition for Young Inventor (IEYI) event was held again, and this year Indonesia is the host of the event. The event which was attended by 11 participating countries which brought about 150 research projects became a separate event for Indonesia which was represented by three groups of Indonesian students who managed to get a gold medal in the IEYI Awarding Ceremony held on Friday (25/20) night. This is the 15th time IEYI was held. This time the international event was held in Serpong, Tangerang on 23-26 October 2019.

Firman Fathoni from SMAN 5 Surabaya won a gold medal for ganTAS 4.0 invention. This tool uses a Bluetooth technology mechanism that is connected to a smart phone. GanTAS work mechanism is to record the number of suitcases in one tour group. “When the smartphone application is turned on, it will detect which suitcase is missing,” he said.

He created this tool himself because he had a bad experience when he joined a tour group. “My sister’s suitcase was swapped with strangers at the airport,” he said as quoted by the LIPI Cooperation, Law and Public Relations Bureau.

The next gold medal was won by Neng Rizqi Ni’mah from SMAN 1 Kediri who made a Multifunction Ruler. “I combine several rulers, runes, and arcs so that they can make two-dimensional shapes easily and precisely,” he explained.

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He created this tool because he always had trouble drawing hexagons. “This tool will facilitate the work of people who need symmetrical precision and flat drawing speed, such as school teachers and architects,” added Neng Rizqi.

The third gold medal was won by Muhammad Alim Ajid and Muhammad Ismail Umar who created the Magic Pen. Magic Pen is used for children who have physical limitations but want to learn a simple electronic system. “They find it difficult to use limbs to connect or disconnect electrical cables,” said Alim.

IEYI is an international youth scientific exhibition held to encourage innovation and discovery. This year, IEYI was attended by 11 countries, namely Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, China, and Vietnam.


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