Indonesian student from SMAN 68 Jakarta, Nila Eleora Putri Sianturi won an achievement at the international arts festival, namely the 21st International High Schools Arts Festival. Source: Istimewa

Even though required to study from home due to the pandemic situation that has not yet ended, this student can prove that achievement can be achieved in any condition. The “21st International High Schools Arts Festival” (IHSAF), which was held 5-16 August 2020 in Tokyo, Japan, became a proving ground for Nila Eleora Putri Sianturi, a student of SMAN 68 Jakarta who won a gold medal for the best female poster category. The announcement was made directly by Haruhisa Handa, Chair of the International Foundation for Arts and Culture (IFAC).

Competitions and festivals are held without being directly attended, considering that the organization is still in the period of the global Covid-19 epidemic. Participants who take part in the IFAC competition must go through a selection process from their respective countries.

Nila Eleora Putri Sianturi from SMAN 68 Jakarta who represented Indonesia at this year’s IHSAF was a gold medalist at the 2019 National Student Arts Festival and Competition (FLS2N) held by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Nila’s poster calls for the theme “Don’t Let Them Lay on the Streets for Too Lon”. In this theme, Nila raised the biggest problem in society, namely street children, children who are poor and do not have a home and live on the streets. “They have to beg, busk, work or steal to survive. Many street children cannot receive proper education due to bad economic conditions, “said Nila.

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She added, “In fact, they often become victims of abuse and exploitation. So the oppressed are crushed. That’s what I thought when I made the concept of this poster.” Street children, said Nila, need attention not only from the government but also from all parties. They need sympathy and deserve it, but many people still don’t care and ignore them.

The festival, which was organized by IFAC, was attended by 18 countries for the category of posters and paintings. Apart from these categories, there are also categories for Japanese arts and culture. In the poster and painting category, each country sends a maximum of four nominations for the best work to IFAC and then one winner from each country is selected to attend the award ceremony. The four nominations for the best work that were sent were the winners of the 2019 National Student Art Festival and Competition (FLS2N) held in Bandar Lampung City, Lampung Province in the field of male and female category posters.


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