Iko Uwais, Indonesian Actor

Indonesia’s leading actor who several times trusted starred in the Hollywood movie, Iko Uwais increasingly showing its quality. After competing acting with Mark Wahlberg at Miles 22, he is now confirmed to star in Wu Assasins, a martial arts drama series on the Netflix movie streaming service.

Keep in mind Netflix is a service that lets users watch favorite shows anywhere, anytime, and almost any medium (smartphone, smartTV, tablet, PC, and laptop). Netflix service is a streaming service movie pioneer online movie rental service. Established since 1997, Netflix accommodates the most complete archive of films with the most operational areas. With the high penetration of the internet, similar services have emerged with some modifications and market significance. For example, Google Play Movies specifically targeting Android and Chrome users. The mechanism of pay-per-view or pay per view of a movie. While Netflix is an on-demand service or paying subscriptions on a monthly basis with no movie limitations being watched.

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On Netflix, Iko is also a martial arts choreographer and action coordinator for the series of 10 episodes. Iko will play the character of Kai Jin, a man who aspires to be the chef who became the last killer in a long battle between good and evil. The series is set in the famous Chinatown in San Francisco, USA.

John Wirth, the author of Wu Assassins, was involved as executive producer alongside Chad Oakes and Mike Frislev from Nomadic Pictures Entertainment and Tony Krantz from Flame Ventures.

Wu Assassins will be the first genuine original production game to be aired by Netflix. The director of the game, Stephen Fung will lead to two early episodes.
Other fixed players have yet to be announced, but Byron Mann’s name from “Altered Carbon” is in the ranks of players with Iko Uwais. Iko Uwais is an Indonesian actor who has typical of his above-average martial art skills. Because of its capabilities, most of the films starring Iko Uwais is a movie with a high level of risk because of the dangerous scenes that must be performed by the cast Razoo Qin-Fee in this Star Wars sequel.
Wu Assassins Serial is planned for next August 8 to release.

Reference: CNNIndonesia.com

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