Indonesia occupied the first podium by Azryan Dheyo Wahyumaniadi in the TTC race

Indonesia again showed its best performance in the international competition. This time it came from the third Thailand Talent Cup (TTC) series at the Chang International Circuit, Buriram – Thailand (13-14 / 7) where Indonesia represented by a driver assisted by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Azryan Dheyo Wahyumaniadi won the first podium in and Herlian Dandi won the third podium in the second race.

Qualifying results on Friday (12/7), Dheyo in the fourth start position with the fastest time of 1: 51,290. While the other AHM-trained riders, Herlian Dandi started from 3rd place with the best time of 1: 51.251.

Armed with the results of the qualification, the two AHM assisted riders filled their respective starting positions in the first race (13/7) by riding a Honda NSF250. Dheyo which is in position 4, immediately spurred the motor as soon as the start light is on.

Dheyo made a very good start. Although he was hit by another rider, Dheyo was able to focus on continuing racing, entering lap 5 Dheyo managed to be in position 1 and finally able to continue to lead until the end of the race.

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“I am grateful for the first podium that was achieved in this first race. Although at the beginning of the race I was hit by another rider, but I tried to focus on being able to compete again and finally I took the lead. I kept trying to maintain the rhythm and maintain the racing line. tomorrow’s race two, I beg for your support, “Dheyo said.

“Since the beginning of the strategy race I have tried to stay focused and be able to control myself as much as possible. I am grateful to be able to reach the third podium in this first race. Thank you for the mechanical team. For the second race tomorrow, I will perform optimally, please support,” said Dandi.

Deputy GM of AHM Marketing Planning and Analysis Andy Wijaya said the consistency of achievement of AHM-trained riders in the Thailand Talent Cup 2019 was the result of synergies between riders and mechanics.

Even though they are young, they can show the maturity of their competence on the racing track. Support from the Indonesian people would certainly be a special energy for young riders guided by AHM.

“The importance of communication and cooperation between riders and mechanics can certainly make a neat synergy. The results of consistent achievement from our young drivers in the TTC event certainly cannot be separated from that,”

“Thank you for the support of the Indonesian people, hopefully we can continue to excel in the next series,” said Andy.
The fourth Thailand Talent Cup series 2019 will be held at the Chang International Circuit, Buriram, Thailand on August 24-25, 2019.


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