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Indonesia again recorded a proud achievement in the international competition. This time Indonesia participated in the memory competition, Japan Open Memory Championship 2019. In the competition Indonesia successfully proved its superiority by bringing home 11 gold, 15 silver and 19 bronze, thus placing the Red and White Team as the Country Champion with 12,630 points total.

Indonesia managed to outperform participants from other countries, such as China, South Korea, Qatar and host of Japan. Bamboo curtain country is in second place with 8,772 points, while host Japan must be satisfied with 3rd place with 8,496 points.

Indonesian students in the middle of other participants are competing in the 2019 Memory Competition, in Japan. Photo / Documentation of IMSC.

This competition, held at Urayasu Cultural Hall, Tokyo, competes 10 types of competitions that test the brain’s ability to remember. Among them are Names and Faces (five minutes remembering faces and names), Binary Numbers (five minutes remembering sequences of random binary numbers), Random Images (five minutes remembering random image sequences), Random Numbers (five minutes and 15 minutes remembering random number sequences).

Then Fantasy Dates (five minutes remembering years and events), Random Words (five minutes remembering random word order), Spoken Numbers (remembering a row of numbers played in one second intervals per number), and Random Cards (remembering the order of playing cards that have been shuffled with limits) time of five minutes and 10 minutes).

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In the memory competition, participants are grouped into three age categories, namely Kids 12 years, Junior (teenagers) 13-17 years, Adult 18-59 years, and Senior over 59 years. Each participant fought over the position of general champion, champion per category, and champion per match number.

The Indonesian team under the guidance of IMSC (Indonesian Memory Sports Council) led by Grandmaster of Memory, Yudi Lesmana, this time fielded nine athletes in two age categories, namely Kids and Junior.
In the Kids category, Fauzan Januar Aryawan Kusuma, a student from Rawamangun Labschool Middle School, Jakarta, won silver in the Random Words and bronze branches in the Speed ​​Cards branch. In the Junior category Indonesian students won impressive medals, namely six gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze.
This medal was donated by Shafa Annisa with three gold, one silver, three bronze, Fathimah Aiko with four gold and three silver, Yossyifa Zahra with three silver and two bronze, Amira Tsurayya with two gold, three silver and five bronze, and Janet Valencia ( Bogor) who won one gold medal.
The Indonesian student team will return to compete next July 13-14 at the Philippine Open Memory Championship 2019. Since its founding in 2014, IMSC has routinely trained and sent memory athletes to compete in the Olympic Games in various countries.
To this day, the Memory Indonesia Olympic Team has won hundreds of gold, silver, bronze, two World Records, and five MURI Records.


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