Trophies and Awards received by Indonesia at the United Nation Biodiversity Conference (UNCBD)

It doesn’t run out if we talk about the many tourist destinations scattered throughout Indonesia, Indonesia is blessed with so much natural wealth to provide something other countries do not have, namely biodiversity to be enjoyed. Because of the abundance and beauty of biodiversity in Indonesia, recently the United Nation Biodiversity Conference (UNCBD) awarded Indonesia in the form of the Gold Award for the assessment of the Clearing House Mechanism (CHM) Award in the New National Clearing House Mechanism category. This was announced on the sidelines of the CBD COP 14 session, at the CHM Award Ceremony, which took place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, the venue for the 2018 United Nation Biodiversity Conference.

Indonesian delegation recipients of the thropy and Award at the United Nation Biodiversity Conference (UNCBD)

The award is not separated from the Indonesian Biodiversity Clearing House (BKKHI) which is a web portal based mechanism that is mainly used as a tool to monitor and report on the progress of the implementation of National Targets and Aichi Targets and as a medium for exchanging information about Indonesia’s natural resources management. BKKHI can be accessed through the address BKKHI.

The award was given by Cristiana Paşca Palmer, as the CBD Executive Secretary who was accompanied by the Egyptian Minister of Environment as President of COP 14 and received by the representative of the Indonesian Delegation. The Gold Award is the highest award given by the UNCBD Secretariat at the event.

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The aim of organizing the CHM award is to formally acknowledge member countries that have made very real developments in the development or development of their CHM, where CHM Nasional must provide special information services to facilitate the implementation of NBSAP at the national level.

Indonesia, as is known, has ratified the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity (UNCBD) with Law No. 5 of 1994 concerning Ratification of the UNCBD. The parties to the Convention agreed to formulate biodiversity management targets in the world as a joint reference known as Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Each country participating in the CBD then makes a Strategic Plan and Action Management for Kehati, known as the IBSAP (Indonesian Biodiversity Strategic and Action Plan / IBSAP 2015-2020) in Indonesia, according to the capabilities of each country as an embodiment of Aichi targets. Clearing house mechanism (CMH) or BKKHI is also built as a medium to report and show progress towards achieving management targets to the heart in each country.

Achievement at this time does not mean work has been completed. The biggest challenge for the management of BKKHI in the future is to encourage the role and active participation of the Ministry / Institution / CSO / Regional Clearing House nodes in disseminating the achievements of their respective fields.


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