Erick Thohir while receiving an IOC member medal from IOC Chair Thomas Bach.

It seems that Indonesia’s discourse to host the 2032 Olympics will be realized soon. Right on the 125th anniversary of the Olympics, Indonesia was again trusted to be a member of the IOC which was ratified at the 134th IOC session which took place in Laussane, Switzerland, June 24-26. The re-entry of Indonesia as a member of the IOC was represented by the Chairman of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) Erick Thohir who was the first Indonesian individual representative at the IOC in the past decade. He was authorized with nine other new members who were previously selected by the IOC Member Election Commission chaired by HRH The Princess Royal, or Princess Anne from the United Kingdom.

Erick said he was honored to be authorized to be part of the IOC. “This is also a matter of pride for me personally, and especially Indonesia because after 12 years, representatives of Indonesia have emerged, even though individually, in this world sports organization. At the very least, Indonesia will be increasingly known in the IOC and other international sports forums,” Erick said Laussane, Switzerland, Wednesday, as contained in the release.

Erick became the first Indonesian in the last 12 years to become IOC Members. Formerly former chairman of KOI and KONI, Rita Subowo, was appointed as IOC Member in 2007 at the 119th IOC session in Guatemala. Other national sports figures, such as Dadang Suprayogi, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, and Mohammad “Bob” Hasan also took up the position.

IOC Members are IOC representatives in their respective countries, but are not delegates from the country concerned at the IOC. The main task of IOC Members is to represent and promote the interests of the IOC and the Olympic Movement in their country and also in the organization of the Olympic Movement where they take part. In addition there are also other duties and functions, including setting all event numbers at the Olympics, then choosing and assigning hosts of the Summer and Winter Olympics.

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By being selected as an IOC Member, Erick assessed that there is a moral responsibility that must be carried out to always stir the Olympic movement and spirit in Indonesia. He also added that it was a moment to continue to improve the achievements and existence of Indonesian sports on the international stage.

“In the context of our efforts to run for the 2032 Olympics, the presence of individual representatives at the IOC is positive. Indonesia can continue to improve relations with the IOC and other member countries to advance national sports achievements and hold many international sporting events, and “We continue to campaign about the Olympic movement and foster the young generation by spreading the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play,” Erick said.

His election as an IOC member added to Erick Thohir’s track record in gait in the world of international sports. Currently he is also listed as a Central Board Member at FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation). In the world of football, Erick is the Oxford United Club Council and previously served as President of Inter Milan. The chairman of the Indonesian Olympic Committee he leads has also been successful in carrying out the 2018 Asian Games.


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