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In international stereotype, Indonesia is already known as the country with the largest Muslim majority in the world. Reporting from, the latest data in 2018 shows that the Muslim population in Indonesia is 222 million. The data is very likely to make Indonesia a halal tourist destination for Muslims around the world. And sure enough, after five years of making various efforts, finally Indonesia was chosen as the world’s best halal tourist destination this year. The crowning was given directly by the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2019 and outperformed 130 destinations from around the world.

Mastercard-Crescent rating agency puts Indonesia in the first rank GMTI standard with a score of 78, along with Malaysia who are both in the top rankings. As the world’s best halal tourist destination, Indonesia recorded a gradual increase from ranking 6 in 2015, ranking 4 in 2016, ranking 3 in 2017, ranking 2 in 2018, finally Indonesia was ranked as the first GMTI in 2019.

Indonesia coronation as the best halal tourism version of GMTI

“Indonesia is the only most progressive country in developing halal tourism destinations :: said Fazal Bahardeen, CEO of Crescent Rating, accompanied by Indonesian Mastercard Director, Tommy Singgih, when delivering the GMTI 2019 report at the Pullman Hotel Jakarta on Tuesday morning (9/4/2019 )

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He said, Indonesia’s efforts to achieve the best position were taken seriously, including by making the Indonesia Muslim Travel Index (IMTI) which refers to the GMTI standard. The GMTI report analyzes based on 4 strategic assessment criteria, namely Access, Communication, Environment, and Services. So IMTI also adopted the same thing.

In addition, Indonesia also then intensively carried out technical guidance (bimtek) and workshops on 10 leading halal tourism destinations in the country. At the same time, the Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, appreciated the Mastercard-Crescent Global Muslim Travel Index world rating agency which gave the highest rating to Indonesia. He said, the plan had been designed since 2015 which continued with the cooperation of Mastercard CrescentRating to make the IMTI with reference to GMTI global standards.

“Finally, the target that we dream of being the best halal tourist destination in the world is achieved. This proves that achieving victory must be planned,” said Arief Yahya.

Arief also hopes that Indonesia’s ranking in the top position as the world’s best halal tourism destination will attract more tourists from Indonesia to visit Indonesia, which this year targets 20 million foreign tourists visiting as many as 5 million or 25 percent of them are halal tourism tourists.

Meanwhile Indonesian Mastercard Director, Tommy Singgih, explained that the halal tourism market is one of the segments of tourism with the fastest growth rate in the world. The projection, in 2020 the contribution of the halal tourism sector jumped 35% to US $ 300 billion against the global economy or increased from US $ 220 billion in 2016.

Here are the top 10 countries of the world’s best halal tourist destinations, the GMTI 2019:

  1. Indonesia: 78
  2. Malaysia: 78
  3. Turkey: 75
  4. Saudi Arabia: 72
  5. United Arab Emirates: 71
  6. Qatar: 68
  7. Morocco: 67
  8. Bahrain: 66
  9. Oman: 66
  10. Brunei Darussalam: 65


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