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Where do you usually finish your chill vacation time? Hawaii? Phuket? Whitehaven? It’s not wrong if you choose one of these three destinations. But do you know, that there is a chill out holiday recommendation that is the choice of a UK travel agent, This choice fell to Indonesia. Yes, Indonesia has been named the most chilled out country in the world according to the assessment, which is the most trusted reference about travel.

In its research entitled ‘Most Chilled Out Countries in The World’, analyzed it based on several factors, such as citizens’ personal rights, noise pollution, light pollution, temperature, number of holidays, to the number of spas in the country.

From a number of these indicators, Indonesia was chosen to be the most relaxed country in the world. The most relaxing here is the country that is most suitable for vacation and relaxation.

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“Our analysis of the most relaxed countries in the world reveals, that Indonesia is ranked first as the most relaxed country of all other countries,” Reigo Eljas said, Country Director of for Britain and Ireland, as quoted from Dailymail, Saturday (2/3/2019).

Indonesia according to has more than 88 thousand km of coastline with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, 186 green spaces, an average of 30 days off per year, and 66 spas. Indonesian cultural factors are also one of the reasons why Indonesia has been named the most relaxed country in the world.

The number of breaks and human rights are also a number of reasons. There are at least 11 awards from 22 categories that were successfully brought home by representatives of Indonesia, precisely Bali. The world’s best luxury spa award given to Remede Spa in Bali. Then for the Best Luxury Spa Hotels, won by AWAY Spa, The W Retreat & Spa in Seminyak, Bali.

In the second position is occupied by Australia which has 40 thousand km of coastline, 187 green spaces, and annual vacation leave of 30 days.

Here is a list of the most relaxed countries in the world:


How? Have you determined where the vacation location is where you spend your leisure time this year?


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