The University of Indonesia student team UI UI's Economical Marine Vehicle Team (AMV UI) won first place in ASEAN through the innovation of the Makara Robot 08 Mark II in the 3rd ASEAN MATE Underwater Robot Competition

Indonesia again showed its superiority in the world technology competition, this time in the competition for the 3rd ASEAN MATE Underwater Robot Competition which took place on 4-5 May 2019 in Surabaya. Indonesia, represented by University of Indonesia (UI) students who are members of the UI Autonomous Marine Vehicle Team (AMV UI) won first place at ASEAN level for its innovation in making Robot Makara 08 Mark II, an underwater robot that can be used to identify victims of sinking ships.

AMV UI Chair Alif Hikmah Fikri (Teknik Perkapalan 2016) said “With this victory, the AMV UI team directly represented Indonesia and the ASEAN Regional level to compete in the International MATE ROV Competition at Kingsport Tennessee, United States, in June”. Alif said that this tournament was a place to prove that students like them were also able to create an innovation and were able to answer the industry’s need for unmanned technology.

Makara Robot 08 Mark II made by UI students

By developing a Makara Robot 08 Mark II team is not only tested in terms of elaborating STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) but also must be able to see in terms of entrepreneurship where the products must be able to meet market needs. ” Furthermore, Alif added, “AMV UI is sure to be able to compete and complete race missions when competing in the United States. We want to show that the Indonesian team is able to outperform the world’s leading campuses in this prestigious competition. “

Makara Robot 08 Mark II is an underwater robot capable of diving at a depth of 5 meters and can last for 30 minutes. This robot can be assigned to inspect underwater conditions and can describe the conditions inside.

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In the 3rd ASEAN MATE Underwater Robot Competition tournament that took place on 4-5 May 2019 in Surabaya, Makara 08 Mark II Robot succeeded in completing several missions. Among them, reservoir inspections and repairs, research on waterways, and detect miniature prehistoric cannons and measure the diameter, volume, and weight of the cannon before being raised to the surface of the water.

The advantages of this robot, among others, have the ability to image processing automatically, making it easier for pilots to identify underwater biota. The image processing also makes it easy to find a crack in the pipeline and automatically measure the size of the crack.

This robot also has a temperature and pH sensor. In addition, it has a truster position that makes it easy for pilots to tilt the ROV position so that they can change camera orientation quickly. This international tournament is held by Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE). This competition is an arena for competing student innovation works relating to the Remotely Operation Vehicle (ROV).

The AMV UI team consists of 25 UI students who come from various disciplines. Among them are Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.


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