Minister of marine and fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti is harvesting Seaweed

As a maritime country, Indonesia has a huge potential of marine resources. Since the election of Joko Widodo as the 7th President of RI, the maritime of Indonesia began to be mobilized again through priority programs such as port development, sea toll projects and eradication of illegal fishing which annually erode the Indonesian marine wealth. One of Indonesia’s marine wealth is seaweed. ¬†As is known Indonesia is the largest producer of seaweed in the world, but mostly exported in the form of raw materials. For more and more seaweed products are processed in the country, one of the efforts made is to do other grass processing to produce capsule shells.

At the Expo Ritech Expo in 2017, the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology through Agroindustry Technology Center (BPPT-PTA) has succeeded in developing the production process technology of seaweed capsule from seaweed material formulated from the main raw material of carrageenan as seaweed processed products.

Ida Royanti, BPPT Agroindustry Technology Center Engineer believes that, in addition to reducing the dependence of gelatin imports, this capsule shell can also exploit the potential of local resources and this product is more halal guaranteed and can fill the vegetarian consumer market at home and abroad higher economic value.

“Formulation of seaweed-based capsules is the result of innovation that plays a role in the diversification of capsule industry products. After the success of the first prototype, in the future we will also cooperate with PT Kapsulindo Nusantara for further distribution of seaweed capsules, “said Ida on the sidelines of the exhibition Ritech Expo 2017 at Gedung Wisma Negara, CPI Makassar. The exhibition was initiated and held by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education.

Ida also added that he is conducting a second prototype study which is a capsule shell using a bit of gelatin, in anticipation of high gelatin prices due to the strengthening of foreign currencies.


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