The Chairperson of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI), Erick Thohir, represented Indonesia to receive the OCA Award from the Asian Olympic Council (OCA) in Bangkok on Saturday (03/02/2019). (Doc. OCA)

The atmosphere of how spectacular at the 2018 Asian Games event can still be felt today. Where the opening and various competitions are organized neatly and certainly left special memories for athletes and all eyewitnesses who were present at the world’s second largest sports party. Because of Indonesia’s success in organizing the largest sports party in Asia, the Olympic Council of Asian (OCA) gave OCA Award to Indonesia at the 72nd OCA Executive Board Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on March 2, 2019. The award was given directly by the President of OCA, Sheik Ahmad Al Falah Al Sabah and was accepted by the General Chair of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI), Erick Thohir.

The President of OCA stated that the successful implementation of the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Jakarta Games not only boasted Indonesia. OCA also felt a positive impact because the implementation of the 18th Asian nation’s sports party increasingly emphasized the prestige of the Asian Games itself as the second largest sporting event in the world after the Olympics.

the spectacular of the 2018 asian games opening ceremony

Erick Thohir welcomed the award. “Representing Indonesia, both state leaders, executive committees, volunteers, as well as all the people of Indonesia, I feel proud of the award given by OCA for organizing the best Asian nation sports at the 2018 Asian Games. This award for Indonesia has successfully held “The Best Asian Games have received appreciation from all over the world,” said Erick Thohir in Bangkok, Thailand.

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The success of the 2018 Asian Games is not only from the smooth implementation of holding 40 sports, which is the most in the history of the Asia Games so far. Furthermore, that success was also due to extraordinary publications. With the presence of 864 news agencies or media from 44 Asian countries and 12 countries outside Asia, news about the 2018 Asian Games is enjoyed by 4.5 billion readers. They absorb information from around 16 thousand articles that appeared during the 2018 Asian Games. In the country itself, the news about the Asian Games is in 10,583 online media, 400 magazines, 620 televisions, and 3,673 newspapers.

With this proud achievement, Indonesia is increasingly convinced to be able to hold a sports party at the next level, the Olympics.


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