The Dota 2 Indonesia E-Sport Team, Boom ID

Along with the rapid development of the digital era, of course this has an impact on several sectors. As in the sports sector, where the development of sports innovation is inseparable from the role of digital development. If we know chess and bridges in sports that rely on thinking skills, we now know E-sport that puts forward a combination of visual graphics and thinking skills. This sport is not as popular as other sports in Indonesia, but its development is quite rapid. In the global arena, Indonesia’s position in the gaming industry market ranks 16th in 2017.

As a manifestation of the development of E-sport in Indonesia, recently the Indonesian E-sport team succeeded in making Indonesia’s name re-calculated on the Asian scene, especially in Southeast Asia. Indonesia Dota 2 E-sport Team, Boom ID recorded a brilliant performance in the 2nd position of the APAC (Asia Pacific) Championship Predator Dota 2 in Bangkok after competing against the E-sport team Dota 2 Philippines TNC Predator with a final score of 2-0.

TNC Predator forced BOOM ID to go home with a prize of 30,000 US Dollars or around Rp. 424 million. While the team from the Philippines managed to bring home 75,000 US Dollars or around Rp. 1 Billion. In the first game of TNC Predator with Sven’s line up, Luna, Enigma, Drow Ranger and OD were able to defeat BOOM ID using the composition of Tusk, Weaver, Rubick, Centaur Warruner, and Sniper heroes in 39 minutes.

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Even the second game, BOOM ID with Shadow Demon, Pugna, Earth Spirit, Lifestealer, and Dragon Knight must bow to their knees when finished by TNC Predator with Magnus, Shadow Shaman, Phantom Assasins, Puck, and Ember Spirit heroes.

BOOM ID also thanks for the support of the Indonesian people with the #HungryBeast hashtag uploaded on @boomesportsid’s official Instagram on Sunday (02/17/2019).

For this achievement, BOOM ID received appreciation from Herbert Ang, President Director of Acer Indonesia. “BOOM.ID has shown its best ability, we are proud because their success in the second position can be an inspiration for other teams in Indonesia and through the Predator League, Acer commits to encouraging more young people in Indonesia to compete and be the best in international tournaments. Defeat is the beginning of a journey to achieve success, and Acer will always try to give the best to always support all the success stories of esports players in Indonesia, “said Herbert Ang.


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