Indonesia as the world's maritime axis

As a country with dominant maritime power, Indonesia shows the world that to create a world maritime axis requires firmness and seriousness in its application. President Jokowi firmly expressed his commitment in his speech at the 9th East Asia Summit (EAS) Summit (EAS) on 13 November 2014 in Nay Pyi Taw, Burma, which was depicted through five main pillars:

• Rebuilding Indonesia’s maritime culture.
• Maintain marine resources and create sovereignty of sea food by placing fishermen on the main pillars.
• Prioritize maritime infrastructure development and connectivity by building seafloor, deep seaport, logistics, shipping industry, and maritime tourism.
• Implement maritime diplomacy, through proposed enhancements of maritime cooperation and efforts to address sources of conflict, such as fish theft, sovereignty offenses, territorial disputes, piracy and marine pollution with the emphasis that the seas should unite various nations and countries rather than separating.
• Build maritime forces as a form of responsibility for safeguarding shipping and maritime security.

From now on, the world’s maritime axis in Indonesia is not just a discourse but is shown in real action. When previously the fish thieves are often free to do illegal fishing in Indonesian waters, now they are no longer free to cross the border of Indonesian waters. Indonesia’s strictest policy for anyone who violates the sovereignty of Indonesian waters will take legal consequences that are detonated and drowned by the Indonesian marine authority. From 2015 to 2017, Indonesia’s marine authority commanded by the Indonesian Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudji Astuti has drowned 363 foreign ships that stole fish in Indonesian territory.

the sovereignty of the world’s maritime axis, the blasting of ship of fish thieves

Not to stop there, the deterrence of Indonesia as a maritime axis of the world increasingly makes the world shuddered, especially for Malaysia which several time ago was surprised by the capture of luxury cruiser ship owned by Malaysian billionaire who has long been an FBI fugitive. Bareskrim Police Headquarters of the Directorate of Tipideksus (handling criminal offenses in economic and finance/banking and other special crimes) and the FBI successfully confiscated Equanimity Cruises after a long negotiation in the waters of Benoa Wednesday (2/28). The ship owner’s billionaire was identified as Jho Low who once dated Paris Hilton and donated money for humanity worth trillions of dollars. Jho Low was under police arrest for alleged involvement in a $ 4.5 billion corruption case involving Malaysia’s investment fund, 1MDB. He is allegedly conspiring with Riza Aziz, the adopted son of Prime Minister Najib Razak, for the country’s money.

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Low was also accused of using stolen money to award Pablo Picasso’s $ 3.2 million painting to Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio and jewelry worth 9 million US dollars to Australian model Miranda Kerr. Both have returned the prize and undertake a request for cooperation with the US Department of Justice.
Equanimity cruise ship priced at 250 million US Dollar is included in the list of assets hunted by the United States. The Overall value of assets purchased with stolen money from 1MDB reached 1.7 billion US Dollars.

equanimity cruise ships that successfully secured by the authority of Indonesian waters

The capture of the FBI-hunted vessels in the Indonesian waters, further underscores that in law enforcement in Indonesian maritime, Indonesia is indiscriminate in cracking down on any offenders who do not respect the sovereignty of Indonesia as a country with a maritime axis of the world.

Referrence: Ministry of forreign affairs of republic of indonesia

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