Jokowi during the big harvest

After the last time within 32 years of Indonesia self-sufficiency in rice, now Indonesia again shows the empowerment of food by doing self-sufficiency in rice and other foodstuffs. This is corroborated by the recognition of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as the world food agency that can not be added again during 2016. The Head of the Socio-Economic Data at the Center for Data and Information Systems of the Ministry of Agriculture Ana Astrid is also a current agricultural building as the result of the agreement runs on the track. This is consistent with the food sovereignty roadmap and the welfare of farmers.

Rating Food Sustainability Index FSI for sustainable agriculture aspect, Indonesia is ranked 16 (score 53.87) after Argentina and is above China, Ethiopia, United States, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and India.

“The point of this study shows that Indonesia is above the United States,” Ana said.

In the survey of farmer satisfaction level, the results showed as many as 76.8% of respondents were satisfied with the program /assistance Kementan. The remaining 23.2% respondents stated that they are not satisfied and very dissatisfied. This is not separated from the role of food task force of Polri and KPPU that occurred and intertwined 212 cases related to food that was silenced.

Earlier, Vice Chairman of Commission IV of the House of Representatives, Herman Khaeron, in Jakarta, Tuesday (4/7/2017) has expressed his views on the performance of Kementan.

“The successful development of the agricultural sector is inseparable from the long effort towards sovereignty, independence, resilience, and security from governments that were not interrupted by the current government,” Herman said.

The success continued Herman, was not separated from the cooperation of all related agencies, both in government, parliament, local government, and farmers.

On a separate occasion, Ketua Umum Kontak Tani Nelayan Andalan (KTNA), Winarno Tohir, believes that significant achievements prove the development of agricultural sector in Indonesia in line with government programs. EIU’s research also becomes an indisputable argument for the parties who have been criticizing the government’s performance in the agrarian and food sectors.

“For those who still doubt have been answered.Everything is very different what is our agriculture made significant progress compared to the previous year,” said Winarno.

Source: Detik

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