Atmosphere of the opening ceremony at the main stadium Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta

Finally, the historic moment for the Indonesian people has officially begun, the 18th Asian Games in 2018 in Jakarta and Palembang succeed in starting the epic opening ceremony and difficult to express in words because it is so majestic and extraordinary. Long preparation is carried out by all elements of this event. Led directly by Wishnutama as Creative Director, this event was successfully carried out with great amazement. The collaboration is not easy between the creative team, the performers, the government and all the people of Indonesia, giving great enthusiasm to the athletes present. The opening of the ceremonial which was opened with the action of Indonesian President Joko Widodo was greeted with fanfare by all spectators who filled the main stadium of Bung Karno’s surge.

From the State Palace, the number 1 of Indonesian was shown through the streets of the capital using a motorcycle. At one point, Jokowi was able to invite school children to dress in Scout uniforms to cross the street.
After that Jokowi was shown again to spur back his motorcycle. In the video footage, Jokowi is described as entering the GBK arena. The motorbike figure then actually entered the arena and crossed to the back stage. From behind the stage, President Jokowi then appeared to start the 2018 Asian Games opening.

Indonesian president Joko Widodo’s appearance at the opening of the Asian Games 2018 event

Thanks to the success of presenting a fantastic opening, Indonesia is considered to be worthy of hosting the Olympics. With the slogan “Energy of Asia”, the opening ceremony of the Asian Games 2018 brings Indonesian culture. The event was filled by around 5,500 performers with 141 musicians. The opening of the 2018 Asian Games became the world’s spotlight because the giant-sized stage with the nuances of the natural beauty of the archipelago stood firmly in the middle of the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK) field.

one of the dance performances at the opening of asian games 2018

The stage with a total weight of 600 tons and a length of 135 meters, a width of 30 meters and a height of 26 meters is one of the largest and highest stages ever in the opening ceremony of similar events. The stage is the work of 350 nationals. The stage also answered the curiosity of the community through the opening ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games because it detailed the concept of natural beauty and indigenous cultural diversity of Indonesia.

big stage at the opening of Asian games 2018

In the midst of this extraordinary event, there was a very interesting thing for the public, namely the unification of the two Koreas by walking hand in hand in the same group of contingents. North Korea and South Korea. In fact, the two Koreas sent their contingents under one name namely “Korea”.
Parades of athletes from all countries who took part in the 2018 Asian Games were accompanied by traditional Acehnese dress dancers. Each country is represented by a number of athletes who will show skill in each sport.
In front of the flag athletes of each country it looked dashing brought by one of the athletes’ representatives. Preceded by a model with garuda costumes and carrying the name of each country.

South Korea and North Korea unite as one contingent in asian games 2018

As athletes walk and show all their athletes, the dancers form island formations in Indonesia. They did not stop dancing when the athletes walked in introducing themselves to the audience. The event was also filled with thousands of dancers. All dancers consisted of teenagers of school students and hundreds of dancers from various regions in Indonesia. Even variations are not just from movements, but also from the age of the dancers. From young to 80 years old, all compacts feature stunning dances.

Not surprisingly, the correlation of Denny Malik’s and Eko Suprianto’s works amazed the eyes of all who watched. There were approximately 4000 dancers who shared their duties and roles to dance from areas in Indonesia. The concept that is not easy actually makes the dancers look more vibrant. From every step, movement to music has meaning that illustrates how big Indonesia is.

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Not only presents Indonesian dance, the opening ceremony of Asian Games 2018 also presents a theater performance that tells of Indonesian culture. Including the Indonesian singer, Maruli Tampubolon who participated in this theater, continued Raisa singing Zamrud Khatulistiwa. Who would have thought that the amazing dance of about 4000 dancers was the result of the cold hand of Denny Malik and Eko Suprianto. Coming from an unequal background, it is not easy for both of them to combine dance characters in a stunning performance. The long journey from concept determination, the selection process to training, takes no less than 5 months.

cultural dance at the opening of asian games 2018

Practicing from morning to night, Denny and Eko were quite overwhelmed to train dancers from not only dancers’ backgrounds, but also the general public and students. But both claimed they never said they were tired, because for Denny and Eko this was what they loved, especially with the same goal of Indonesia.

Throughout the event, the music from Indonesian famous musicians never stopped playing. Of course this music is the result of collaboration from Addie MS and a music arranger Ronald Steven. Unmitigated, musical arrangements were made and recorded in Prague, Czech. For approximately 4 days the recording process and editing took place.

Not only stunning musical arrangements. There was also the appearance of the talented young pianist from Indonesia, Joey Alexander. Giving music from folk songs at the touch of a finger on the piano keys.

The incorporation of traditional music with the touch of modern music makes every movement and scene in the degree is as real. Collaboration between musicians and all teams makes every outcome of the arrangement very touching in the hearts of the audience.

Not only music and dance performances, fireworks made the night’s atmosphere more crowded. Indonesia became a country that was very proud of the success of the 2018 Asian Games opening ceremony.
More or less walking for 2 hours, the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games truly amazed millions of pairs of Indonesian people. Starting from the stage system, the dance of thousands of Indonesia’s best sons and daughters, the singers who burned the spirit of the athletes, until the torch was sent relayed by senior Indonesian athletes.

Asian games 2018 fireworks

All Indonesians are very proud to host the biggest sports Olympics in Asia. Especially it has succeeded in presenting an epic Opening Ceremony.


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