President Joko Widodo when reviewing the exhibition in the inauguration of the opening of Indonesia Industrial Summit Year 2018

Isn’t Joko Widodo if there is no new visionary thought by him. The out of the box ideas make this former Governor of Jakarta is increasingly admired by most of the people of Indonesia. Look at the sea tolls, one price fuel oil, and agrarian reform that is a manifestation of his constructive and visionary thinking. Now he is again making an idea that not everyone thinks that it can be successfully implemented in Indonesia, which is a plan to revive the industrial revolution 4.0.

The government has prepared a roadmap of industrial revolution 4.0 or four volumes. Roadmap industry 4.0 for towards the digital economy, where technology is growing rapidly and is expected to support the economy. Based on the Mckinsey Global Institute analysis, the industry 4.0 has a huge and wide impact, especially in the employment sector. Where robots and machines will eliminate many jobs in the world.

The roadmap of industrial revolution 4.0

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The fourth industrial revolution of this volume is marked by the emergence of supercomputers, smart robots, driverless vehicles, genetic editing and the development of neurotechnology that allows humans to better optimize brain function. This is what Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum wrote in his book The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartato also explained what is meant by industrial revolution 4.0 and the purpose of the industry. In his explanation, Airlangga tells behind the presence of Industry 4.0. He said, actually this industrial revolution began since the time of the Dutch East Indies government. At that time, the first industrial revolution was present in the context of a steam engine or steam engine. “Then the second industrial revolution at the time of the automotive general fort made the production line Indonesia is still Dutch-Hinda. Then, the third industrial revolution begins in the 90’s it began to automate and on that time happened globalization,” said Airlangga at JCC Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (4/4/2018).

Minister of Industry Airlangga with President Jokowi in Roadmap Industry 4.0 event

Jokowi reveals 4.0 industrial revolution that the direction of digitalization. He cited as a combination of cloud computing with mobile internet that is utilized by the smartphone system. Next, artificially intelligence, intelligent machines, and the internet of things (IOT) where machines are also connected to the internet.

“These technologies are mobile Internet cloud computing and intelligent machines, artificial intelligence and then combined into a new generation of robotics such as drone aircraft, autonomous vehicles or autonomous vehicles that can drive themselves without being driven by humans,” he added.

Therefore, Jokowi supports the Ministry of Industry’s swift and serious steps to anticipate the industrial revolution 4.0 with a roadmap known as Making Indonesia 4.0.

According to Jokowi, this road map can be interpreted to make, build, re-realize the national industry in a new era, namely Indonesia 4.0 in which there are some great aspirations to revitalize Indonesian industry as a whole. It is also hoped that its implementation will make the Indonesian economy into the top 10 by 2030 through increasing export figures, increasing industrial productivity by adopting technology and innovation capable of creating 10 million new jobs in 2030.


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