Indonesian underwater diving

As a country with amazing beauty of the sea, of course, Indonesia has unlimited potential as a tourist destination for travelers around the world. In addition to its beauty on the sea, the beauty under the sea becomes a paradise for divers. That proved at the Asia Dive Expo (Adex) in Singapore 2019, Indonesia bought four awards at once. including Adex Best Tourism Destination of the Year, Adex Official Country Partner of the Year, and two Adex Award for Outstanding Contribution to Dive Tourism awards.

Deputy of Marketing Development I of the Ministry of Tourism, Rizki Handayani (left) when receiving an award at the ADEX event

The award event was held on 11-14 April 2019 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center, Singapore. The award was presented directly by the CEO of Adex 2019 John Thet.
“Indonesia deserves this award. Because the destination there is indeed extraordinary for divers. The underwater view is very exotic with a variety of experiences offered,” John explained in a written statement on Saturday (04/13/2019).

Deputy of Marketing Development I of the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar), Rizki Handayani, revealed that these four awards made Indonesian branding even more perfect.

“We are certainly delighted to get four awards at the same time from Adex 2019. Moreover, there is a prestigious award in the form of Adex Best Tourism Destination of the Year. With this recognition, the branding at Adex is increasingly optimal because the Singapore market now increasingly believes in the quality offered by Indonesian destinations, “Rizki said.

The branding done by Indonesia at Adex 2019 includes the design of the Indonesian pavilion which is made magnificent by using a replica of the pinisi ship. Even Indonesia includes 32 tourist industries such as Kuhita Dive Maratua, Safari Tour & Travel, SDS Academy, Anema Resort Gili Lombok, and Iboh Dive Center.

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To attract foreign tourists (tourists) Singapore, 10 of Indonesia’s best diving destinations are offered. The list of top 10 diving destinations is in Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, East Kalimantan, Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, Maluku and West Papua.

“Indonesian maritime tourism has great potential. The distribution of its destination is diverse with distinctive character. This is certainly the main attraction of world divers. Besides its nature, divers of the world can also enjoy its exotic cultural colors. What is clear is Indonesia’s best marine tourism,” Rizki explained .

Indonesian marine tourism is indeed famous for its beauty. Because, about 76% of coral species richness and 37% of fish species in the world are in the archipelago. Meanwhile, Deputy Assistant of Regional I Marketing Development I Ministry of Tourism Dessy Ruhati said the Adex 2019 event value was also large.

“This award confirms the exoticism of Indonesian maritime tourism. Apart from that, Singapore’s market potential is also promising. So far, Singapore’s public response is also very good. The Indonesian Pavilion was crowded with visitors. Besides asking for information, the public also made positive deals. We are optimistic that get this much value from Adex 2019, “he explained.

The exhibition which has been held for the 25th time is predicted to attract 62,079 visitors. White Lion Country Tourists were targeted at a target of 2.12 million people in 2019. This figure was up 24.7% from last year. During 2018, the influx of Singapore tourists amounted to 1.77 million people.

On a different occasion, Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya said four awards from Adex 2019 were calibration, confidence, and credibility. This recognition automatically increases the competitiveness of Indonesian maritime tourism in general, especially at Adex 2019.

“Indonesia’s maritime tourism destinations are truly extraordinary. This recognition is increasingly real with a variety of awards from Adex 2019. The public can now compare the quality of Indonesian maritime tourism with others. This clearly increases credibility as well as the confidence of Indonesian marine tourism. Please come to Indonesia and prove it directly underwater charm, “


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