Emilia Nova, hurdles gold medalist in the 1st Malaysia Open Grand Prix 2019

Indonesia again added to the gold medal at the 2019 1st Malaysia Open Grand Prix athletic event which took place at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This time, the gold medal was won by Emilia Nova who dropped to the women’s 100 meter hurdles. She recorded a time of 13.59 seconds. Emilia Nova successfully surpassed South Korean runner Na Hee Ryu, who recorded 14.25 seconds. The third position was won by the host runner, Raja Nursheena Raja Azhar (14.31 seconds). Before Emilia, Indonesia also won a gold medal from Lalu Muhammad Zohri who dropped in the men’s 100 meter run.

Despite winning gold, Emilia’s record is still under her best record at the Asian Games, which is 13.33 seconds. Currently, the national record of 100 meters women’s goal is still held by Dedeh Erawati with a time of 13.18 seconds.

The gold captured by Emilia Nova is the third gold in the Malaysian Open athletic championship. Two previous gold medals were presented Then Muhamad Zohri in the men’s 100m run and Sapwaturahman in the men’s long jump number.

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Emilia Nova is a woman born in Jakarta, August 20, 1995 and is also one of the mainstay athletes who dropped off at the 2018 Asian Games. Before becoming an athlete, the woman who was familiarly called Emil said that since she was a child she loved to exercise. “I used to be small from sports, my parents also used to love sports and I was channeled to athletic sports. At that time I joined the Meteor club based at Madya Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta,” she said.
When becoming an athlete, Emil did feel the hard discipline in undergoing training. Every day after school she must be diligent in practicing for achievement. “I practice three times a week there (Madya Stadium), I like to live it even though after school I immediately eat, then go to practice,” she recalls.
Because of her tenacity, Emil began to reap achievements ranging from regional level achievements to the monthly student athletic championships in DKI Jakarta. From there the talent of the runner was glimpsed to the national level. In 2010 she officially joined the national training camp which was still 15 years old.
At the beginning of joining Pelatnas, Emil played more for runners 100 meters away. But the number did not bring good luck to her, after the third year at the National Court, Emil wanted to try for the number runner. And it turns out that number is able to be passed with achievement. Because, not even a month of practice, Emil managed to become the fastest in the 100 meters hurdles during the 2013 U-21 Vietnam championship.
Since that day, the name Emilia Nova began to often decorate the podium. It was noted, she had been the runner-up of the 2014 ASEAN University Games Asean Sapta, runners-up 4 x 100 meters Vietnam Open 2016, runner-up 100 meters runner Singapore Open 2015, and champion 4 x 100 meters Hong Kong Open 2016.

At the national level, Emilia Nova is the record-maker. At the 2016 National Sports Week (PON) in West Java, Emil broke three records at once. Emil was able to reach 5,382 points on the Sapta Race number. The points total broke the PON record and national record previously held by Rumini in 1993. Emil also recorded a new PON record in the 100 meters hurdles. She recorded a time of 13.50 seconds where the record defeated the previous record holder, Dedeh Erawati, at the 2012 PON event in Riau which is 13.63 seconds.
Emil herself when on the track has her own characteristics with her appearance. When competing, these hurdles often appear different from other runners. Emil is eccentric in style by coloring her hair or wearing colorful glasses. This was done to enhance the confidence of an Emilia Nova. “I deliberately wanted to look eccentric, so I was easily seen by people even from a distance. I if I want to compete wearing glasses so it looks good. If our appearance is good, we will become more confident, “she said.
Achievement for the sake of achievement resulted in customer satisfaction for her, moreover she could buy her parents home and open a boarding house business in the Palmerah area, Jakarta. “I am happy that my achievements have resulted in pride by being able to buy a parent’s house,” she said.

Emilia Nova has just won the Women'a 100m Hurdle at the 1st Malaysia Open Grand Prix with timing of 13.59s. Raja Nursheena Raja Azhar was 3rd with 14.31s.Congrats @emilianovanv ! Keep pushing @rajenursheena …#100mH #1stmalaysiaopengp #emilianova

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