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To prepare themselves to face the 2018 Asian Games event which will be held on August 18, the participants of the Asian game, especially the Indonesian contingent, will prepare themselves by participating in various sports competitions abroad. After Muhammad Zohri performed in the athletics and Samantha Editsho performed brilliantly in the chess branch, now the name of Indonesia is again fragrant in the eyes of the world through the Hapkido martial arts branch. Hapkido is one of the martial arts sports originating in Korea besides Taekwondo. Hapkido moves based on the principle of a circle that utilizes the strength of an opponent. The techniques in Hapkido include blows, kicks, locking, slamming, stance, and weapons training.

Hurairah (21), appeared stunning in the Hapkido World Championship in 2018. Hurairah won two gold medals at an international event which took place at Jung Gu Community Center, Seoul, South Korea, July 29, 2018.
Hurairah is one of 15 Hapkido athletes from all over Indonesia who fought in the world championship. T Irwan Djohan, Chairperson of Aceh’s Hapkido Pengprov, said on Thursday that the son born in Aneuk Galong, Aceh Besar on April 1, 1997, fought in the category of High Jump Bop and a Long Jump Bop. “Hurairah won the gold medal in the two categories,” said Chairman of provincial administrator Hapkido Aceh.

Hurairah, gold medalist in martial arts, Hapkido

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The world-class Hapkido competition was held by the World Hapkido Martial Arts Federation (WHMAF) in South Korea from July 28-29 2018 with 300 hapkido athletes from 20 countries around the world.
In the final category of Bop high jump category, Hurairah beat South Korea’s host athlete, Kim Ji Sung, after passing a 180-centimeter jump. Then for the Long Jump Bop category, Hurairah beat South Korea’s host athlete, Jun Min Bae with a far jump of 380 centimeters.
Achieved the two gold medals, completing the total Indonesian medal acquisition of 13 gold and three silver medals.

Hurairah when raising the flag on the 1st place podium

Djohan said the gold achieved by Hurairah was proof that Aceh martial arts athletes were able to become world champions.

“I would like to thank the KONI Aceh, the Aceh Besar District Government and all those who have helped to send athletes and coaches to compete in South Korea,” said Djohan quoted from one of the local media.

The coach who accompanied Hurairah in South Korea, Sayed Ali Rafsanjani, Thursday (08/02/2018) said that Hurairah was chosen to represent Indonesia in the Hapkido World Championship in South Korea, having previously won two gold medals and the title of best male athlete in the Hapkido Championship -Southeast Asia in Singapore, March 2018 ago.

“I am proud because Acehnese athletes once again made Indonesia proud in the international level,” Sayed Ali was quoted as saying by one of the local media


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