Ryan CyD with Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku costume from the Dragon Ball GT animated series

In creating harmonious relations between countries, of course it has become commonplace if each country knows each other’s culture. In addition to increasing friendship, getting to know each other and learning culture has the potential to create acculturation or form a new culture as a form or symbol of friendship between countries. One of the cultures we often hear is Cosplay culture from Japan where everyone tries to copying their favorite animated characters as closely as possible. Because of the uniqueness of this culture, many citizens of other countries adapt it according to their country’s local wisdom.

Indonesia has become one of the countries with the biggest cosplay lovers, no wonder many cosplayer communities are mushrooming in this country. Because of the popularity of cosplay culture in Indonesia, recently Indonesian cosplayers team participated in the prestigious MAGIC Cosplay Master Monaco Competition held on March 9 in Monaco, France.

In the event Ryan CYD from the Daikon SKY Team representing Indonesia managed to become the first winner. The Daikon team consisting of Sora Hua, Echow Eko, Zainaru, and Ryan CYD themselves succeeded in winning over Pretzl Cosplay (Netherlands), Angélica Elfic (Portugal), Calypsen (Poland) and cosplay teams from various other countries.

Quoted from Japanese Station, it was said that Rian CYD went through his personal account, that this time the victory was not spared from the support of family, colleagues, and friends who always helped and supported his activities so far. The team has received various kinds of achievements, ranging from national to international levels. One of them is the World Cosplay Summit event held in Japan every year.

Alhamdulillah i got 1st place in MAGIC Cosplay Master Monaco competition!!!i was promised to someone to do my best for…

Posted by Rian Cyd on Saturday, 9 March 2019

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Previously in 2016 the man who was born on September 21, 1992, also won the 2016 World Cosplay Championship in Nagoya, Japan with Frea Mai. At that time Carracter Frea Mai became Seth Nightlord and Rian Cyd became Cain Knightlord and won first place in the 2016 World Cosplay Championship event, defeating 30 other contestants from various countries.

It is also reported that this year they will take part in several other international competitions. Of course this is very encouraging considering that Indonesia is also able to compete in terms of creativity and able to adapt to the culture of other countries.


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