The Indonesian Paragliding Team successfully won gold in the branch men ’s team accuracy

Slowly but surely, little by little Indonesia continues to contribute gold in several sports, after 5 golds have been obtained since the opening of the 2018 Asian Games until the 21st of August, each of which was obtained at the Taekwondo, Wushu, Mountain Bike and weightlifting branches. now Indonesia adds the sixth gold through paragliding from the male paragliding team accuracy number.

Paragliding Aviator of the Indonesian Hening Paradigma stepped on the target when landing in the third round of Asian landing accuracy

The Indonesian men’s team itself was reinforced by Aris Afriansyah, Hening Paradigma, Roni Pratama, Joni Efendi, and Jafro Megranto. Indonesia managed to become the best after being at the top of the standings. Hening and friends recorded able to collect the perfect score from the six rounds that were contested. The Deputy Chairperson of the KONI (Indonesian National Sports Committee), Maj. Gen. Purn Suwarno said, this achievement was the first history of paragliding to win gold at the Asian Games. “Because this is the first time paragliding is competed at the Asian Games,” he said

The Asian Games 2018 paragliding competition took place at Gunung Mas, Puncak, Bogor Regency. This achievement is quite encouraging considering the new paragliding competed this time on the Asian Games stage.
The manager of the Indonesian paragliding team, Wahyu Yudha, said this result was the fruit of the struggle and training so far.

“This is a golden record for the history of Indonesian paragliding and the Asian Games 2018. The first time we performed, for the first time we were able to win gold,” Wahyu said. The Indonesian paragliding coach, Gendon Subandono, highlighted the cooperation of every parachutist, especially in the men’s team. The male team of Indonesian paragliding is inhabited by Jafro, Aris Apriansyah, Joni Efendi, Hening Paradigma.

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In the women’s team, Lis Andriana, Ike Ayu Wulandari, and Rika Wijayanti collected 2122 points or 77 points adrift of the Thai team who won the gold medal. In the third place, there is the Korean team with 2363 points. Commenting on the results of the daughter, Wahyu revealed changes in the changing wind conditions, which caused the failure of the festive daughter of gold. “But, whatever the results, this is the best result,” he said.

Paragliding teams still have the opportunity to add medals for Indonesia from individual male and female numbers. Two jumpers, namely from Jefro and Lis, are relied on to make medals. Both were targeted to win gold medals.

On the other hand, Indonesian paragliding targets to win three gold at the 2018 Asian Games. Of the three targets, one gold target is not achieved, namely in the accuracy number landing the women’s team.

“We strive in the individual numbers to be able to meet the gold target in the number of accuracies due to cross country numbers, it will be difficult to remember the obstacles for the take-off runway is too narrow for only 4-5 parachutes, while we ourselves are not used to not having the equipment, “explained Gendon.

China still leads medals with a total of 65 medals, including 32 gold medals. Japan is ranked second with 52 medals and Korea with 38 medals.


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