delegation of Indonesia when receiving UNPSA award

One of the instruments in organizing the state is by providing public service facilities. Public service is any form of services, either in the form of public goods or public services which in principle become the responsibility and implemented by the Government Agencies in the Central, in the Region, and within the State-Owned Enterprises or Regional Owned Enterprises, in the framework of fulfillment efforts needs of the community as well as in the implementation of the provisions of legislation.

To provide motivation and appreciation to every country that well runs public services, the United Nations (UN) held UN Public Service Day event held since 2003 on June 23, this time in Marrakesh, Morocco. This activity is to celebrate the value and benefits of public services to the public; highlighting the contribution of public services in development; monitor the work of civil servants, and encourage the younger generation to pursue careers in the public sector. awarded 8 awards for innovation and public service excellence.

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The Public Service Awards are an international award in terms of public services, awarded to creative public service institutions and contribute to encouraging more effective and responsive public administration around the world. The United Nations (UN) awarded eight awards for innovation and public service excellence.

The winners of the UN Public Service Award 2018 are from Austria, Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya, Republic of Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and Thailand.

To appreciate the initiatives of various worlds, an awards ceremony was held on June 23, serving as a privileged opportunity to recognize the innovation and excellence of public services around the world.

Winner of UN Public Service Award 2018:

Category 1: Reaching the Poorest and Most Vulnerable through Inclusive Services and Austria Partnerships – Talents for Austria Indonesia – Reducing Malaria Case through Diagnosis and Early Treatment (EDAT)

Category 2: Creating inclusive institutions and ensuring participation in Colombian decision-making – Change your mind … Build Peace of the Republic of Korea – Spanish Tax Administration Division – Citizen Participation Project

Category 3: Promoting gender-responsive public services to achieve Kenyan SDG – Promoting gender-responsive public services to achieve Thai SDG – Integrated approach to comprehensive cervical cancer control Swiss – Switzerland Advancing Gender Equal Pay SAGE.


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