Martial-arts of wushu

Having a self-defense knowledge is an added value for a person in optimizing their life journey, in addition to having academic ability, martial arts ability can be used as a parameter for a person in assessing the personality quality of the person. In addition to protecting themselves from crime, martial arts can also be a valuable capital to score achievements in the world of sports. As performed by Wushu Indonesian Team who won one gold medal, four silver medals and five bronze medals at the Junior Wushu World Championships which took place in Brasilia, Brazil July 9-16, 2018. Indonesia Wushu national team in 7th World Junior Wushu Championships in Brasilia Brazil. Send 23 athletes, 4 trainers, 1 Manager, 1 Assistant Manager, 2 referees, whose toll is 31 people.

Indonesia wushu national team while winning 10 medals in 7th World Junior Wushu Championships

The Indonesian Wushu Gold Medal was successfully achieved by Jeyon Kusmoyo at Taijiquan B. Similar achievements were achieved by Nadya Permata (Changquan), Joyceline (Jianshu), and Nadya Permata (Ginshu A). For bronze gains so far contributed by Thalia Marvelina (Gunshu), Nelson Luis (Jianshu), Patricia Geraldine (Jianshu), Ahmad Gifari (Tombak), and Joyceline (Nanquan B). General Chairman of the Indonesian Wushu Executive Council (PB WI) optimistic about the Indonesian wushu athletes who can give the best performance, so that also able to increase the medal achievement for Indonesia.

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Wushu has always been one of Indonesia’s flagship sports. In the wushu championship Sanda discipline in Moscow, Russia on 16-20 February 2018 and for example, the Red-White team won three gold medals, two silver, and one bronze. While at the 14th Wushu World Championships in Kazan, Russia last year which followed 60 countries, Indonesia collected one gold medal, four silver, and one bronze. The achievement puts Indonesia 4th with 15 athletes, consisting of 9 Taoli athletes and 6 fighter athletes.

After reaching the gold target at the SEA Games in 2017 and with three golds, Wushu is now expected to be one of the medal pedals at the 2018 Asian Games.

This achievement is a great capital in following the Asian Games event in August 2018 will be held in their home country, namely Indonesia and is a valuable opportunity and moment to show that Indonesia deserves to organize the biggest sporting event in Asia.


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