One of the fighting scenes of Iko Uwais with Dave Bautista in Stuber

After success with Mile 22 and Triple Threat, Indonesia’s proud actor Iko Uwais is now expanding his career in Hollywood by returning to acting with a famous Hollywood actor and former WWE player Dave Bautista in the film Stuber. In Stuber, Iko Uwais will face Dave Bautista who plays a muscular police character named Vic. Before Stuber, Dave Bautista was known as a wrestler and also played Draxx in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

Besides Iko Uwais and Dave Bautista, there is also a famous US comedian, Kumail Nanjiani, who plays Stu, a Uber driver. Stu accidentally participated in Vic’s dangerous mission. Still like the previous Iko Uwais films, Stuber will display his ability to execute action scenes. But the difference is, Stuber is a comedy-fight genre film. As a result, many of the humor elements that are included in this film, including in action scenes or tense parts. One of them, when Stu tried to use a gun to immobilize Teijo, but instead he was grabbed by the weapon. Also shown are close-up dueling scene footage to chase by car.

Stuber was directed by Michael Dowse (FUBAR, Take Me Home Tonight, The F Word) with screenwriter Tripper Clandy (Four Against the Bank) and producers Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley. Iko not only acted, but also choreographed fights for scenes involving him.

According to the official synopsis, Stuber tells of the journey of a polite Uber taxi driver named Stu (Kumail) with a passenger (Dave), who turns out to be a police officer who is tracking the tracks of a brutal murderer (Iko).

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 Stu fell into a terrible situation, where he tried desperately to defend his mind, his life, and his five-star rating as a Uber driver. As seen in the trailer, Stu expected a kind passenger on that day, but finally picked up a large, stout cop. A full day until night, he follows the police’s journey from house to house, meets a gang of criminals, to meet the main villain who is wanted.

After getting into a fight and losing, they were trapped in a warehouse and instead tried to escape from the wanted criminal. Stuber produced 20th Century Fox with GoldDay and will be released by Walt Disney. This will be the first Disney release that is categorized as R (Rated) or adult 17+ after The Fifth Estate (2013).

For your info, Stuber will be released in the United States on 12 July.


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