Daud Yordan Show his champion belt to the audience

A great nation can not be separated from the role of society, people who love their country, of course with all the energy and ability will provide the best for their country. If in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries every country fought to defend its sovereignty, and in the present, every citizen competes through innovation in accordance with their respective fields, both from economics, technology, and talent.

It is currently being done by one of the people of Indonesia who chose to honor the name of his country with his sports talent that is Daud Yordan. Daud “Cino” Yordan is a professional Indonesian boxer born in Simpang Dua, Ketapang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, June 10, 1987.

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Daud Yordan is an Indonesian boxer who became a double world champion of International Boxing Organization (IBO), he won the featherweight and lightweight classes at different times. Cino is the nickname given by his former amateur coach, Carlos Jesus Renate Tores, of Cuban origin, referring to the word Chino in Spanish meaning ‘Chinese’, because his face is very thick oriental (Chinese).

Now in 2018, Daud scores his feat after a knockout in the eighth round of Russian boxer Pavel Malikov in a match that took place in DIVS, Ekaterinburg, Russia on Sunday (4/22/2018). This victory gives David two lightweight championship titles, WBA Asia and WBO Intercontinental, as well as opens the chance to challenge the WBA world champions as the party is also a WBA elimination party. Related to that success, David Yordan thanked for the support of the promoters and all the people of Indonesia.

seconds Daud Yordan dropped his opponent in round 8

As the winner of the elimination party, David has the right to challenge WBA lightweight champion Jorge Linares. Not only that, David will also again be reckoned as one of the world champion challengers in other boxing bodies, such as WBO, whose lightweight world title is held by Raymundo Beltran. “The matter of plans after this, all I submit to the Crown Promotion as my management.My main task is to prepare for the next fight,” said David. “However, I also have hope to return to the world champion because my age is not young anymore,” he said. The party against Malikov is David’s first party with Chico Guapo Promotions coach Gabrial Campillo. The results of the joint exercise with Campillo in Spain for several months showed the results.

It is not impossible in the future one of the professional boxer who remembered the world is the boxer from Indonesia, Daud Yordan, as well as Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali.

Reference: Kompas.com

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