Samantha Edithso, the chess world champion in FIDE World Championship 2018 U-10

What do you do when you are 10 years old? Surely most of you are fun to enjoy your childhood by playing, learning, and figuring out things you love. But unlike this magical girl, at the age of 10 years, she has managed to become a world champion of chess and became one of the candidates for grandmasters at that age. She is Samantha Edithso who has to win the world title in the FIDE World Championship 2018 U-10 which took place in Minks, Belarus, late last June after defeating chess player from Russia Varvara Ponomareva.

Samantha while participating the world chess championship

Samantha is an ordinary girl who is the daughter of two siblings of the couple Larry Edith and So Siau Sian. She studied chess when she was 6 years old. When instructed by her teacher to choose extracurricular activities, Samantha chooses chess for the simple reason cause of good writing: CATUR.

The student of BPK Penabur International School, Bandung, is very talented and also a genius. In just 3 years she was skilled at playing chess. Samantha is currently listed as having the 1990 FIDE Elo rating, the world’s youngest for women’s age chess.

When handled appropriately and of course there is a large company or corporation that is willing to sponsor it is not possible Samantha will break the record for the youngest Grandmaster in the world currently held by Russian chess player, Sergey Karjakin at the age of 12 years 7 months. The record of a genius kid must be solved by a genius kid as well.
And seeing her strong style of play and mentality, Samantha is no doubt the youngest prospective Grand Master in the world from Indonesia.

Winning in FIDE World Championship 2018 U-10 is not the only achievement of Samantha Edithso ever carved out. The daughter of Edithso has also won a lightning chess gold medal in the 13th Asian Intermediate Chess Championship in Panjin City, Liaoning Province, China, in August 2017.

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In this championship, she conquered the toughest 16-year-old Filipino strong rival, WFM Doroy Allaney Jia. Not only that, the girl who is familiarly called by nick Tata also won the Woman FIDE Master (WFM) from classical chess.

Samantha Edithso collected eight points from nine innings and never lost. Extraordinary!
Samatha Edithso has proved that age is just a number. Although still young, this 10-year-old girl dared to play over the age group.

Mentally compete of Samatha has been formed since she was sitting in first grade elementary school. “When I was in the first grade, I went to extra curricular chess, I kept playing and finally won, I am very happy,” said this Bandung girl.

In the face of opponents whose age is above her, Samantha replied simply. “All ordinary,” she added.

Even when playing, she is very serious starring to the board and never even smile. “For what,” she replied shortly when asked why she never smiled while competing.

The father, Edithso, says his daughter is different from other chess players. If another chess likes to eat the opposing chessman if one is free, Samantha is not. “She does not like to eat pawns or opponents penny, even if it looks free,” he said.

“she prefers to attack, and if the attack is more likely to win, Samanta must choose to attack than eat the opponent’s chessman.”

Indonesia has many tremendous potentials that when properly honed it is not impossible that Indonesia will have grandmasters in other sectors.



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