Padjadjaran University (Unpad) Student Choir (PSM) won the overall prize at the 67th International Choral Competition in Arezzo, Italy, August 22-24, 2019. (PSM UNPAD Doc)

The Indonesian choir brought back proudly news from the international choir competition, this time at the 67th International Choral Competition in Arezzo, in Italy. Indonesia, which was represented by the Student Choir (PSM) of Padjadjaran University (Unpad), succeeded in showing its best performance by bringing home the title of winner of the Gran Premio Citta d’Arezzo by winning 3 awards at once in a number of categories that had been followed. Such as Champion 1 category Musica Sacra, Champion 2 category Monographic Program and Champion 3 category Compulsory Program. Unpad Choir became a superior participant who defeated competitors from nine other countries.

Dewi Mayangsari, as the head of the program, revealed that the preparation of the team took 7 months. This effective thing was done in order to achieve success in the prestigious alloy in the world. In addition, Unpad PSM conductor Arvin Zeinullah won special awards, namely the Special Prize of Best Performance for Living Italian Composer “Sicut Cervus” and the Special Prize of Best Interpretation for Contemporary Piece from Pietro Ferrario “Ubi Caritas”.

In the International Festival of Folk Music category, PSM Unpad brought the title of favorite Premio Del Pubblico through the performances of Paris Barantai, Mande-mande, and Gayatri. The variety of programs and the song’s strength, continued Dewi, was the key to the victory of the Unpad PSM team, which consisted of 42 singers. “PSM Unpad carries the name Indonesia Kirana as a form of cultural mission through cultural competitions and performances,” she said. Dewi explained, her team spent 7 months preparing for success at the world’s largest alloy event.

For this victory, Unpad Choir became the first Indonesian student choir to advance to the final of the European Grand Prix (EGP) for Choral Singing 2020 which will be held in Debrecen, Hungary. EGP is the top of the choir final which is incorporated in the competition associations in Varna-Bulgaria, Tours-France, Arezzo-Italy, Maribor-Slovenia, Debrecen-Hungary, and Tolosa-Spain
Unpad Choir joined in the Kirana 2019 Indonesia Movement.

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The movement was a movement aimed at promoting Indonesian cultural brands in international competitions. Dewi Mayangsari, Chair of the Indonesia Kirana 2019 Movement from PSM Unpad, said her team competed with a number of countries in Europe, such as Ukraine, Poland, Norway, Hungary, Russia, Estonia, Bulgaria, and Italy. “There are 14 participants, already screened, Indonesia is the only representative from Asia in this competition,” Dewi said via telephone, Monday (8/26/2019).


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