Rose Alibasya Jokela, the recipient of Finland's best employee award for the 2019 professional kitchen category.

Who says Indonesian people are lazy? The stereotype was broken by Indonesian women who now work in Finland. The woman is Rose Alibasya Jokela. What made her able to break the stereotype that Indonesians were lazy? The answer is her dedication in doing totality in her work, so that for her dedication, Rose has the right to hold the best Finnish employee award for the 2019 professional kitchen category.

The award was given by the publishing company AROMI Magazine, Finland’s most prominent magazine for industrial entrepreneurs HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes) on January 31, 2019 at the Finnish Hall Building, Finland, at the annual Gala Dinner (The Pro Gala). The event was to give the award of 15 Award / Awards categories for 2019 to a number of individuals who were considered to have the best expertise/expertise in the areas of Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes. A total of 15 Award / Awards categories are contested by 3000 (three thousand) people who are generally Finnish citizens.

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Even so, Ms. Rose Alibasya Jokela, an Indonesian woman who has lived in Oulu City – Finland for the past 17 (seventeen) years, successfully entered as one of the finalists. Ms. Rose, who is from Gorontalo, Indonesia, works under the SODEXO company network, the catering service industry that serves restaurants and cafes throughout Finland. Ms. Rose’s participation as a finalist was a proposal from the management of SODEXO, the company where she worked.

A total of 15 Awards / Awards categories contested in the competition include Finland’s best restaurant customer service, Finland’s best cafe employee / waiter, Finland’s best professional kitchen employee, Finland’s best professional kitchen cook, Finland’s best professional kitchen head , and Finland’s best restaurant cook, and Finland’s best entrepreneur (culinary / catering / cooking).

Who would have thought, Mrs. Rose Alibasya Jokela won the award for Finland’s best professional kitchen employee category in 2019. In addition to the award for the best professional kitchen employee, Ms. Rose Alibasya Jokela also won the Finnish Press Award (Lehdistön palkinto).

As the result, Ms. Rose Alibasya Jokela was the first Indonesian woman in Finland to achieve the highest award as a professional worker in the Finnish food industry sector.

PRO2019 Lehdistöpalkinto

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