Indonesian contemporary painter Jerry Thunggaltirta (left) won the Creative Art Work Winner award for the painting displayed at the International Art Symposium in Jordan, March 11-18 2019.

The proud news came from Artists from Indonesia who made the nation proud on the international event. The painter named Jerry Thunggaltirta won the “Creative Art Work” for his painting which was displayed on the “International Art Symposium” in Jordan. The news came from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Monday (3/18/2019). He painted a painting entitled “The Land of Peace”. He was inspired by the beauty of Jordan which is rich with historical sites. MS Untung, Indonesian contemporary painters also attended the symposium. He presented several of his works, such as the theme ‘The rooster always win fight, finally become fried chicken only’.

“For contemporary painters, aesthetic value is no longer the main guide to work, but how the painting can elevate values ​​or moralistic questions,” Jerry said. The work of the two Indonesian painters is a concern at the symposium which looks more ‘advanced’ than the majority of other painters who are generally still modernists.

Indonesian painters present at the International Art Symposium in Jordan (Indonesian Embassy in Amman).

The two Indonesian painters also had the opportunity to exchange experiences with art performers from various countries during the workshop session, while exhibiting their works in two exhibition sessions held at the beginning and end of the symposium.

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A number of Jordanian art figures expressed their appreciation and admiration for the work of the two Indonesian painters who were seen as unique and brought new colors to the development of art in the Middle East.

This was conveyed among other things by art observers who were also a Jordanian archaeologist, Sharifa Nofa Bint Nasser.

The International Art Symposium is an international activity organized by Ammon Art, one of the leading art organizations in Jordan, which is attended by more than 40 professional artists and art experts from 12 countries, including Japan, Russia, Romania, Lithuania and Indonesia.

“The international symposium is expected to be a forum for artists to enrich artistic expression through the exploration of cultural values ​​from other countries, especially Jordan,” as quoted by the Chairperson of Safaa Ammon Art Association El-Sarief in the opening session.

The Indonesian Ambassador Andy Rachmianto said that the Indonesian Embassy in Amman fully supported the participation of Indonesian artists in organizing art exhibitions or symposia in Jordan.

“The presence of Indonesian artists in Jordan is an important step in an effort to encourage interaction and mutual understanding among the arts and culture in the two countries, which in the end will encourage increased relations between Jordan and Indonesia in the future,” Andy said.

“The participation of the two Indonesian artists is expected to fill the strengthening of RI-Jordan bilateral relations, especially towards the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two countries,” he continued.


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