Aruna dan Lidahnya Movie

Indonesian cinema is now again awarded at an international event. This culinary-themed film that once won one of the nominations at the 2018 Indonesian film festival managed to attract world film lovers at the Osaka Asia Film Festival event in the category of The Most Entertaining Film Among All Participating New Films. The film in question is none other than Aruna dan Lidahnya (Aruna and her tongue).

The theme of this film is Indonesian cuisine which is poured into a storyline that focuses on the friendship of two men and two women who are all in their 30s, together with an investigation into a case of bird flu by two of them. This film uses music which is a combination of old songs and new songs.

Aruna dan Lidahnya won awards at the 2019 Osaka Asian Film Festival

Aruna dan Lidahnya production is carried out in five cities, namely Jakarta, Surabaya (East Java), Pamekasan (East Java), Pontianak (West Kalimantan), and Singkawang (West Kalimantan). Shooting takes place during May 2018 and spends 25 days. There are 21 dishes displayed in this film. The film aired on September 27, 2018 and was only able to capture 130,000 viewers for eleven days, but the film was also screened at the 3rd Macau International Film Festival & Award and the 69th Berlin International Film Festival.

Representing Indonesia, Indonesian Consul General in Osaka Mirza Nurhidayat received the award. At OAFF 2019, Aruna dan Lidahnya were also honored to be screened in the Gala Screening on March 14, 2019. “In the Aruna dan Lidahnya films for example, we can see the diverse values, traditions, customs and culinary conditions of Indonesian people that reflect the richness of Indonesian culture,” said Mirza.

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“I hope that Japanese people can get to know Indonesian culture more deeply through films by Indonesian filmmakers who are being introduced from year to year in Japan,” he continued.
 OAFF is an annual event that broadcasts and presents awards to the works of filmmakers from Asian countries.

In this event, 52 films from 12 Asian countries including Indonesia were selected to take part and compete in winning the best film awards in a number of categories. Aruna dan Lidahnya worked on by Palari Film and directed by Edwin are the only Indonesian films at the 2019 OAFF.

Previously, the film Aruna dan Lidahnya was chosen as the opening film of the CinemAsia Film Festival in Kriterion Amsterdam, Netherlands. The film directed by Edwin starred Nicholas Saputra and Dian Sastrowardoyo. The film tells about the typical culinary diversity of the archipelago. The previous year Indonesia had also included your Possessive and Pies movie at OAFF. However, these two films did not win any titles. Besides Aruna and her tongue, several other Asian films that won awards were Maggie from Korea by director Yi Ok-seop who won the Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, other films that received awards were Maggie (South Korea) who won the Grand Prix / Best Picture Award, Still Human (Hong Kong) with Housen Short Film Award, 2923 (Taiwan) and Till Next Time (Taiwan) both were awarded the Japan Cuts Award, and Whole and Demolition Girl both represented Japan won the Audience Award.

This award can be a motivation and inspiration for young artists to continue working through film work and visualize their imagination to be a pride for Indonesia and the world. Let’s continue to support Indonesian cinema to be able to enter Hollywood and the box office.


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