Indonesia Olympiad Team Medalists at the world-level Physics Olympiad in Israel

Almost no exposure to the media, quietly Indonesian Physics Olympiad team managed to show brilliant performance in the 50th world physics competition “International Physics Olympiad” in Tel Aviv Israel on July 7-15 2019. The Indonesian team represented by some of the best high schools in various regions , managed to collect 4 silver and 1 bronze. The medal winners were Gusti Putu Surya Govinda Atmaja, National Unity High School, Yogyakarta, Ivander Jonathan Marella Waskito, Sharon Christian School Mawar High School, Surabaya, Yuwanza Ramadhan, SMAN 1 Depok who won silver medals and Daffa Fathani Adila, SMAN 8 Jakarta who managed to get a bronze medal.

The departure of the Indonesian Physics Olympiad Team is an independent effort because the Indonesian Government does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. Previously, the Indonesian government had sent its physics team to the EuPhO (European Physics Olympiad) event. EuPhO in 2019 is the 3rd event held in Riga, Latvia. The EuPhO program was attended by 35 countries with a delegation of more than 250 people.

After the participants took part in the stages of the Physics Experiment and Physics Physics test proceed with the correction stage by the jury team and moderation of values, in this competition, the Indonesian Physics Olympiad Team achieved 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze achievements.

IPhO is an annual competition in the field of physics for high school students (SMA) that involves individual theoretical and experimental contests in Physics. This year’s 50th IPhO is organized and supported by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the School of Physics and Astronomy at Tel Aviv University hosts the Olympics and is responsible for its academic program.

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Results of 4 silver and 1 bronze showed that the Indonesian team in general was fairly even and strong. Medal acquisition proves that the ability of Indonesian students is on par with other nations in the world.

Hopefully, this achievement can be an inspiration for all students in Indonesia to continue to have the passion and strong desire to continue to show the world that Indonesian students are able to compete at the world level.


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