Muhammad Faathir managed to set a world record at the 2019 Youth weightlifting World Championship

The proud news now comes from the international youth weightlifting championships held in Sufa, Republic of Fiji Islands. Indonesia, represented by a young male lifter, Muhammad Faathir managed to bring home a silver medal and also set a world record with the Clean and Jerk results of 149 kg. Already in the 61kg male class, a teenager born in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, on May 21, 2003, in the first batch Clean and Jerk performed a perfect force weighing 144 kg. Then, he added a barbell to 149 kg in the second and success. However, he failed in the third class with a 152 kg barbell. The results of this class made the previous record holder, the Turkish lifter, Dogen Donan, with a force of 148 kg.

“We should be proud of the achievements recorded by Cantika and M Faathir who were able to break the world record at the teenage world championship. The coaching program needs to be improved so that they can replace the senior lifter position which previously recorded good achievements in the Asian Games and Olympics,” said Hadi Wihardja, Member of the KOI Monitoring and Evaluation Team via electric message.

Unfortunately, for the type of Snatch force, Faathir who was registered as a SKO Ragunan student did not win a medal. He is ranked eighth with a force of 112 kg. Likewise, for the total force of 261 kg, he was ranked sixth.

“The Faathir Snatch force is less encouraging and deserves the attention of the coach ahead. He has the potential to be able to penetrate the top three of the world by only increasing the Snath force to reach a total of 275kg,” explained Hadi Wihardja, a former Olympic athlete.

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For Snatch, Turkish lifter, Caner Toptas won gold with a 125 kg force, followed by his partner Dogan Donen to win silver with 121 kg. While the bronze medal was won by Jose Estiven Villar Manjares (Colombia) with a force of 120kg.

The Clean and Jerk gold medal was won by a Korean lifter, Monsu Bae with a force of 155kg and a bronze medal in the hands of Turkish lifter Dogan Donen with a force of 148kg.

While the 273 kg caner toptas total gold medal was won, Monsu Bae won silver with a total force of 270kg and Dogan Donen who had a total force of 269 kg won bronze.


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