Andyah Cintya Laksita, Little director of the Premio Giovani award

The proud news this time came from Indonesian cinema. Indonesia once again gained valuable assets for the future of national film after a couple days ago Indonesia’s young filmmaker, Andyah Cintya Laksita managed to get the prestigious world award, Premio Giovani in the 2018 Cortocircuito-Savigliano Film Festival which took place October 22-28 in the city of Savigliano, about 55 kilometers from Turin, Italy.

Even more surprising was the award achieved by Cintya when she was 11 years old. When a child of her age is busy with gadgets and general activities, it is different from the 5th-grade female students at Pangudi Luhur Yogyakarta who brilliantly make works and are recognized by the international community.

Andyah Cintya Laksita (center)

Her work is a documentary film that tells about the concern of a veterinarian who treats abandoned street cats. The film is titled “Jamilah’s Friend”. The documentary that tells the story of the love of a veterinarian in abandoned cats sets aside three other nominees: two from Italy and one Lithuanian film. In the holding of the 2018 Cortocircuito-Savigliano Film Festival, the jury was led by seasoned painters Michelangelo Pistoletto and academics Professor Umberto Mosca.

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At the invitation of the Cintya festival present in the city of Savigliano and receive directly the Premio Giovani award at Cinema Aurora Savigliano. This award was the second after last September Cintya was awarded the Special Award at the Viva Film Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. In addition to Savigliano and Sarajevo Jamilah’s Friends gained public audience appreciation at Saratov Suffering International Film Festival of Documentary Drama and International Ecological TV Festival in Russia.

Although young filmmakers are not difficult for Cintya to make documentaries abandoned cats because in their daily lives they always pay attention to them, so they often bring home street cats who look sick. She was so inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi, the protector of all living things. That also made Cintya know veterinarian Andre Lisnawan, doctor Budiman who is accustomed to spending himself to share healthy food with cats who are vagrancy. In working on the film Cintya partnered with Oktovianus Patintingan, a Jogja Film Academy student, as the cameraman.

Jamilah’s Friends is a production of Orca Films, an independent production house in Yogyakarta founded by Adam Herdanto, a former Telemedia producer Budapest, Hungary. Since 2006, Orca has been intensely collaborating with young people to work through the media based on environmental and family themes.


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