Indonesian dance maestros, Maria Darmaningsih

Indonesia continues to spread its charm in the world, both through its intellectual property and its cultural diversity. Recently one of the Indonesian dance maestros Maria Darmaningsih received an honorary award from the French government for her work in the world of art and played a role in strengthening relations between France and Indonesia. Of course this is a matter of pride for Indonesia, where its culture is recognized in the eyes of the world.

Maria Darmaningsih received an honorary award the Chevalier dans l ‘Orere des Arts et Lettres badge (Knight Order of Arts and Letters) on Saturday (11/17) at Galeri Salihara in Jakarta

This woman who was born 62 years ago was awarded the Chevalier dans l ‘Orere des Arts et Lettres badge (Knight Order of Arts and Letters) on Saturday (11/17) at Galeri Salihara in Jakarta. This award is given to Indonesian figures who have a dedication to the world of art. The badge was given to coincide with the closing of the annual Indonesia Dance Festival (IDF) which was initiated by Maria Darmaningsing, Nungki Kusumastuti, Melina Surjadewi, Sal Murgiyanto, Dedy Luthan, and Tom Ibnur in 1992. IDF also received the MURI award as’ The Oldest Dance Festival in Indonesia ‘in 2010.

IDF is an annual dance festival that encourages the emergence of talented young choreographers while also displaying the works of leading choreographers. This year, dancers and choreographers from eight countries, namely Indonesia, Mexico, France, India, Germany, Australia, South Korea and Singapore, participated.

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As a dancer, Maria Darmaningsih began her career in the 1980s. She has performed and taught in various foreign dance performances. Among them was the Biennale de Danse in Lyon in 2010 in France. She also successfully created various choreographies namely Langen Kusuma Warasthra (Yogyakarta, 1979), Manglung Sekar (Yogyakarta, 1980), Sri Tanjung (Bandung, 1982), Children’s Dance (Makassar, 1983), Bedaya Dewabrata (Jakarta, 1987), Manggon (1995), Ruwatan (Netherlands, 1996), Celebration of Life (Jakarta, 1998), The Lotus Blossom II (Canada, 2000), The Circle of Life (Canada, 2000), Beginning and End (Canada, 2001), The Lotus Blossom II (Canada, 2001), Love and Life (Canada, 2002), and The Lotus Blossom III, (Canada, 2002).

Previously Indonesian figures who received awards included Anggun (2005), Christine Hakim (1991), Adjie Damais (2015), Garin Nugroho (2016) and Sunaryo (2017). Hopefully this inspirational experience can be an inspiration for the younger generation to continue to be able to boast the name of Indonesia in the eyes of the world.


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