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It’s not complete if you talk about Indonesia without mentioning the culinary too. Indonesia is known for its natural beauty, but also known for its culinary wealth. Recently Indonesia held a 2nd Indonesian Noodle festival held by the Indonesian Embassy in Rabat on Friday, 12/14. The event was held in collaboration with Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Rabat and Moroccan Indomie Companies.

The Pensosbud Function Officer of the Indonesian Embassy in Rabat, Hanung Nugraha, told Antara London on Saturday, 12/14, that the event was held in the Mahaj Ryad Area of Rabat City, the capital of Morocco. There some types of noodle foods are served, including chicken noodles, fried noodles, martabak noodles, sausage noodles and noodle nuggets.

the atmosphere of an Indomie festival in Morocco

While the Indomie company in the activity promoted original noodles as one of its flagship products. Indonesian Noodle event This festival is held for the second time. Last year a similar event received a tremendous welcome from visitors.

Not to forget, Indonesian arts such as dance and distinctive music also appear on the stage. Among other things, gamelan, Sekar Rinonce dance, Saman dance, Betawi Nandak dance and Denok Deblong dance. Students who are currently studying in Morocco also enliven the event with band music performances.

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Indonesian Ambassador in Rabat, E.D. Syarief Syamsuri conveyed that the noodle festival is expected to be able to bring the Moroccan community closer to Indonesia which has been well established for a long time. “There are a number of similarities that bind the people of the two countries,” he said.

E.D Syarief Syamsuri, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Rabat hopes that with this festival it will be able to bring the Moroccan community closer to Indonesia which has been well established for a long time.


All proceeds from the sale of this activity will be donated to the Mohammed VI Center for Disability in Sale, Morocco.

Indomie has entered the Moroccan market since 2009 by forming the Indo Morocco Company, a partnership between Sawaz Group (Salim group and Wazaran / Saudi Arabia Group) with a local Moroccan company LINA owned by businessman Abdullah Ghozy. No wonder the popularity of Indomie in Morocco has become commonplace in the eyes of Moroccan society.

Hopefully, in the future, this activity will continue to be routinely held every year so that the culinary taste of the archipelago can become the culinary axis of the world.


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